Monday, 17 February 2014

Fashion parade (1)

Hair styles change......dress styles change......
....but the Latin Mass never changes. You see Holy Father - it isn't a fashion.


  1. Very pretty photo. I wonder what the occasion was? Glad you had the date and location. If I had to guess it looks like a May Crowning done by a Ladies' Sodality. In most processions usually the men do any carrying of statues. First time I've seen a photo of women doing that particular task.

    1. Gem, a May procession at St Michael's and St Martin's, Hounslow. My eldest brother left of priest, my two eldest sisters were the front carriers. Crowning done by the May Queen, the bearers were Children of Mary - right on the money.

  2. Doesn't our Holy Father know that "ev'ry thing old is new again"?


    "Old Mass? Just a kind of fashion!"

    When Masses were mellow
    Every Priest, a real fellow
    No need to remember when
    ‘Cause ev’ry thing old is new again.

    Daily, the Sacrifice of the Mass
    What-a-ya know, it didn’t pass
    We still pray now like they did then
    Ev’ry thing old is new again.

    Get out your rosary, your black and white veils
    Let’s go backwards as the modern mess fails
    And the Latin words you thought were long dead
    You’ll find in your missal, English black, Latin red.

    Don’t throw the past away
    It’s your foundation as the new fashions sway
    The True Faith’s intended, intended for men
    When ev’ry thing old is new again.

    So get your rosary, your black and white veils
    Put it in backward when forward fails
    Leave the new fashion designers alone
    Be the Faith’s fashionista on your own.

    And don’t throw the past away
    Absolute Truth will forever stay
    “Behold! I make all things new.” so then…
    Ev’ry thing old is new again!