Thursday, 27 February 2014

101 Priest bloggers to follow on Google....

Blogging, or Googling, for a priest, is a most effective means of evangelising.

In fact, it is odd, is it not, that the Bishops have not established a dedicated priest in each Diocese with the role of reaching out to the Faithful (and the unfaithful) with the teachings of Christ....ooops, sorry, I mean, 'transcendental being' (according to the excellent Protect the Pope blog, that's what the mindless ones in the Church would like to use instead of 'Jesus Christ').

Joseph Atkins, editor of the Catholic Dating website, has produced a list of priests that Google. Good.

It does, however, have an American bias and, after a quick speedcheck, only two of our British blogging priests are mentioned but, maybe in the future when the list is updated, we will have more of a showing.

It is an interesting list and you may peruse it HERE but, a word of caution, not all of the priests featured are, how can I put this kindly?  On the same bus?

The list includes clergy from all corners of the Church - and why not?

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