Friday, 14 February 2014

A mug no Catholic should be without

Yes, if you like Fr Z's range of mugs then you will, I am sure, like the one featured below.

It bears the message 'Keep Calm and go to the Latin Mass' on one side and 'Chartres 2014' on the other.

Furthermore, it is available in both left and right handed versions.....(cough).

The Chartres Mug offer is part of a campaign run by The Confraternity of the Holy Cross (a group of Catholic laity and priests set up to promote the Latin Mass in rural West Wales) to raise funds in order to support young people from our diocese (Menevia) who wish to take part in the Chartres Pilgrimage this year.

There are some folk who believe that the young men and women concerned should raise the funds themselves but, as with all things, it is not quite as clear cut as that.

We are, for want of a better phrase, living in a region of economic deprivation and the young need all the help that they can get.

So, for a mere £10 (plus £4 for p&p) you could possess one of these fine coffee mugs for yourself (they also make excellent gifts, especially for priest friends and most especially for those priests who have yet to say the Latin Mass).

Please just send your email address to and I will respond with my postal address to which you may send a cheque.

For each mug purchased you will be contributing £6.25 to the Wales to Chartres fund. The remaining money covers the production and mailing costs.

Now, if you would also like to donate some hard cash to the fund, please go to our special fundraising page and make a small contribution, it's so very easy and relatively painless.

Here is the page

Thank you very much. You will be remembered in our prayers.


  1. " Quiesce perferque et ad Missam Latine ite", surely?

  2. Anon....yes, but it wouldn't fit on :)

  3. I have never had a cheque book. Is there not another way to pay?

    1. Lynda, if you email me I will respond, many thanks, Richard

  4. Thank you, for sending me one Richard. It was very kind of you.