Friday, 21 February 2014

If you drink Mystic Monk coffee......'ll need a Latin Mass Mug!

Regular readers will recall that these traditional mugs are available at a very modest price of £10 plus £4 for postage and packaging.

The proceeds, some £6.25 per mug, will go towards funding three or more young people to take part in this years Chartres Pilgrimage.

We are already on our second production run of mugs so please, place your order now lest you find yourself the only Catholic in Britain sans mug!

Just send me an email - and I will respond with my address.

Orders of 4 or more mugs qualify for a reduced postage rate.

You may also recall that these mugs make excellent gifts - ideal for your PP for example.

And you will be endowing a young man or woman with such graces that will undoubtedly strengthen and confirm their Faith for all of their lives.

Finally, these mugs are not just for coffee drinkers; they are also well suited to those who prefer tea, cocoa, complan, whatever.

Please note: Only orthodox Catholics qualify for this amazing offer.
Liturgists, Parish Artists, Greeters and others need not apply.

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