Saturday, 28 December 2013

Mary's tears

Who would wish to cause our Blessed Mother grief and sorrow?

No one in their right mind.

No one with Christ's love in their hearts and a regard for Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.

Yet, it seems that the pogroms against The Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate are focused not just on destroying the Latin Mass but also on acts of devotion to Our Lady, Mother of the infant in the Bethlehem stable.

Apparently, over Christmas period, two Marian shrines within the FFI have been closed.

The Eponymous Flower has the report.


  1. Prayer and PenanceDecember 28, 2013 9:48 pm

    What has this assault got to do with Benedict XVI? It was not HIS Mass. Nor am I aware of any extraordinarily pious devotion to Our Lady.

  2. P&P - Have to disagree on a general scale - I've never met someone who has an appreciation for the EF that doesn't have a devotion to Our Lady. What has this assault got to do with PBXI? Forgive, just read a little on the history of his Papacy and you will see that he was responsible for dispelling an erroneous belief about the Mass of All Time, and even bringing about a possible unity in the Church that now seems to be going to the devil. Pope Benedict binds Pope Francis loosens - it's like watching Penelope waiting for the return of Odysseus, just finish the shroud already! the pagan heroes and their gods are dead!

    1. Richard, thanks for the inspiration! although I accidentally wrote PBXI - interesting fellow: Pope Benedict X is now considered an antipope. At the time of Benedict's election, however, this status was not recognized, thus the man the Roman Catholic Church officially considers the tenth true Pope Benedict took the official number XI rather than X. This has advanced the numbering of all subsequent Popes Benedict by one.

      those pesky antipopes.

  3. How very apt the soubriquet Prayer and Penance, two of the major motivations of the FFI which has attracted such large numbers of vocations against the cataclysmic drop among other orders, plus the FFI's devotion to the traditional Latin Mass liberated by Pope Benedict. I can see how a misreading of Richard's shorthand could have caused the misunderstanding over whose the Mass is. Christ's, as we all know, and in both forms celebrated by the FFI.
    BTW do google Pope Benedict and Our Lady where you'll find evidence of a particular devotion to the Mother of God with which the FFI, by its very name, concurs. Hope this helps.

  4. They are Our Great Lady's sons and daughters.