Monday, 23 December 2013

One question....3 possible answers

The question refers to the picture below.

The question is............where is this dance taking place?

Select one of the following answers:
1. A Berlin nightclub
2. A Catholic Church in Buenos Aires
3. The Strictly Come Dancing studio at the BBC

I would like to offer the first winner out of the hat weekend for two at the Pyongyang Hilton but......

The answer will be published tomorrow



  1. Would it be number 2? Surely they wouldn't tolerate such shoes at the BBC and, as for Berlin, I wouldn't expect even to see Mrs Merkel in such an ill-fittting jacket.

  2. I don't know about that picture. Because of the suggestive position of both partners and the dress of the female partner, I hope it is 1 or 3 and not 2. Nonetheless, there is a video on YouTube ( and posted elsewhere on the blogosphere which fits no. 2--namely, a concelebrated Mass in a Buenos Aires parish with then-Cardinal Bergoglio as the chief celebrant--with a tango danced by a couple in the sanctuary before His then-Eminence/now-Holiness (as a sort of Post-Communion meditation?).

  3. The tango -the dance of a pimp and one of his whores. If it is in a church then all I can say is ICHABOD -The Glory has departed

  4. Can't be a Catholic church.Note the lack of of ministers of the Eucharist, altar servers, and children with their crayoned pictures clapping along in the sanctuary behind them.

  5. He looks like he's just been kneed in the goolies.

  6. Looks like a popularity contest in the Extraordinary form.