Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Apologies to some bloggers

There have been some excellent posts of late and I always try to leave a comment in such cases (it can seem as if you are the only blogger on the planet at times when you receive no comments).

However, I have an imp in my system that allows me to comment on some sites but, on others, after I have committed my gem of wisdom to the combox, it suddenly disappears and I am shunted back to the Blogger site. Very frustrating and if anyone knows how to cure it.....there's a full rosary in it for you!

So, my apologies to Catholic and Welsh, A Reluctant Sinner, Last Welsh Martyr (it can't just be a Welsh thing can it?)....and, of course, the erudite and excellent Left Footer (and a few more besides).

Normal comments will be resumed as soon as possible!


  1. Does it work the other way round? i.e. when we leave comments on your Blog ... do they appear or not? How about if we leave comments on our own Blogs? Or if you leave a comment on your own Blog? Why is is I'm easily confused?

    I don't have a solution ... but I sure welcome and need your prayers!

    God bless.

  2. OK ... so my comment HAS apeared on your Blog. Or, more accurately, it has appeared on MY computer showing your Blog.

    Can YOU read it I wonder?

    (Thinks - I'm getting more confused now!).

  3. Calm down Victor...my blood pressure is rising. I can read your comments fine thanks. The problem I have is that when I comment on some, not all, blogs, it just disappears.