Thursday, 3 March 2011

Don't sponsor a monk or nun!

The season for sponsored walks, marathon runs, pram races, red noses and other self indulgent fund raising events is upon us. It is, by now, rather unremarkable when one sees just how many 'nuns' or 'monks'  make up the fancy dress costumes of the participants. Surely we have recovered from the highly entertaining sight of a so called nun in a habit, smoking a cigar and drinking a pint of beer? Apparently not. It seems to send some folk off into paroxysms of unrestrained laughter. Monks also have a belly laugh producing effect and, as for Bishops, no comment.

I must admit that I am not a fan of fund raising schemes that also benefit the giver, whether it be in the form of a little television coverage a la Red Nose Day or looking wonderfully funny in a clerical outfit. We are all of one mind surely, that the left hand should not know what the right is doing when it comes to donating to a good cause. I also like to make certain that, by giving to a "generic" charity appeal, I am not supporting pro abortion or pro homosexual type organisations.
So I tend not to give when a 'monk' shakes a bucket of coins under my nose.

Don't they realise that nuns wear twin set and
pearls these days?
 But my real point here is one of equality. Looking at the crowd of contestants at the local pram race I see several 'religious' of the Christian variety but not an Imam or Mufti or Ayatollah in sight. Is this fair on Muslims I ask?
It is only reasonable that they should be subject to the same good natured ridicule and contempt as us Christians.
I cannot for the life of me begin to imagine how isolated and excluded they must feel.

And I just cannot comprehend why those who love to dress up don't focus on some clown like Islamic costumes. Could it be because they fear a fatwa or two?

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  1. You care to take any bets how long an event like "Dress Like Your Favorite Ayatollah" or "Three-Legged Rabbi Race" would be advertised before being shut down by the Powers That Be?