Monday, 7 March 2011

Are you a G & T Catholic?

In the British education system today we apparently have a shorthand way of describing special needs pupils. Special needs falls into two camps, those children with learning difficulties and those who are infant prodigies, the brainy ones who are always top of the form. Paradoxically, it is the brainy ones who tend to be ignored while all the support money goes into providing for autistic, dyslexic and Down's Syndrome children. A good cause, of course, but "star" quality children, I believe, also require a similar if not equal amount of resources and support.

Now, at last, an academic type person has come up with a classification that will enable the teacher to identify "stars" (for want of a better word) so that they too may receive parity of esteem as they used to say. What is the classification? Well, it's nothing too complicated....actually its G & T. That means "Gifted and Talented".

How would that work, say, in a parish. Who would be identified as a gifted and talented Catholic? Would anyone?

Well, in all modesty I can lay claim to being a G& T Catholic except that, in my case it refers to Gin and Tonic!


  1. I do hope that you don't put lime in your gin and tonic. Gerald Warner would not be amused :-)

  2. Fr Tim - no lime and no lemon either. A bit of a purist!(Unlike dear Gerald).

  3. I think you were gifted with a very fine sense of humor Mr. Collins!

  4. "Are you a G & T Catholic?"

    Nope, I'm one of those cripples.

    And believe me, there's no esteem to being sent off to those special classes. I spent my childhood in them during school and after school for therapy when all I wanted was to be normal.

    Further, putting dyslexia into the same category as downs syndrome and autism is just a bit much.