Thursday, 31 March 2011

The slaughter of dolphins causes outrage....but no concern for life in the womb

There is a circular letter currently being passed around the internet. It carries photographs of the annual slaughter of Calderon Dolphins by young men on the Faroe Islands. It is not a pretty sight; the sea is stained with blood as the beautiful creatures are driven into a bay of shallow water where the savage killing takes place.

Abhorrent? Yes, but human abortion is more so
 I like dolphins, I believe they are intelligent creatures who do not deserve to die in this manner in the 21st century but I also believe that many of those who are scandalised at this barbaric practice and who may sign the letter, are unconcerned about what happens in an abortuary.
I recall a tour of Japan I made some years ago. The party comprised a prominent Labour Peer, a Grandee of the Tory party, a British Captain of Industry and a Japanese entrepreneur. It was a gruelling tour and we reached Tokyo after 5 days solid speech making and political meetings.
That night, as we ate in a restaurant, tempers were frayed after being in such close confinement. I instigated a debate to liven things up and to get the group together again. We debated the rights and wrongs of abortion and I suffered a heavy defeat. They argued that it was the right of the individual to choose; I was shouted down.
All agreed that it had been a rallying occasion and so I suggested another debate. The evening was quite early and they had enjoyed their victory so I suggested that we discuss fox hunting. By now they had got the bit between their teeth and they went for me hammer and tongs (I was in favour and they were vociferously anti). They argued that the dumb animal felt pain and that it was primitive for men to hunt animals in such a fashion.
Again, the vote came down 4 to 1 in their favour and they settled down rather pleased with themselves. "So what" I asked: "happened to individual choice?" "What happens to a baby in the womb when a surgeon destroys its life?"

Of course, I do not condone the killing of dolphins in such a mass murder fashion but my concerns are with the unborn child. I will not sign any letter requesting that the Faroe Islanders cease their killing until all abortion clinics closed and the law makes the taking of human life a crime once more. Then I will forgo fox hunting and sign the dolphin petition!


  1. Perhaps the difference in illogical thinking is due to the plethora of graphic pictures and TV images of the slaughter of dolphins, whales, foxes, while pictures of abortions are suppressed.

  2. Tues, Aug 6, 2013
    Goats, lambs, birds, were killed or slaughtered back in biblical times for symbolic sacrifice or for food. As well as the vegetable kingdom-The bible does say that God gave us the clean animals of the earth for food and to rule over them.
    However, I don't believe God would ever want that end to be reached by his creatures-dolphins or whatever kind of animal- being killed in a torcherous manner such as these dolphins were. It would be contradictory to his character.
    Probably almost 100% of anti dolphin slaughter people are pro abortion. They're abhored about the slaughter of the dolphines and the whales but not even phased about the slaughter of the human life all the way to full term...and with them knowing how it is legal for the abortion Dr to remove babies from the womb even just before 9 months wiggling & crying and slaughter them...Plenty of bloodshed there.
    I believe in their mind they are more concerned about maintaining political principles for the liberl cause, one being personal choice, than they are about the value of human life.
    It baffles me how they can see morality & value in the life of a dolphin or whale, but see no such morality & value of the human life in the womb...Many of them claim to be christians, but don't seem to care that the Bible itself, the book of christians, placed value on the life of the unborn baby of a pregnant woman--it makes references toward pregnant women in several places that "she was with child"
    And they contradict themselves...
    They rant the reason of "personal choice" with abortion, but they love Father big government, rather than Father in heaven, and don't mind the government making their personal choice's for them while interfearing with our personal choices & personal freedom's, many of which are based in, or alredy existed & reinforced in the constitution of the United States.
    Deliberate taking/ending of human life of the unborn is not a personal choice or personal right any more than it is after it is born full term. When the government or state passes a law that prevents abortion it is not interfearing with personal choice, it is protecting human life.
    As gruesome as it appears, here we are concerned about the slaughter of the mature dolphins, half way around the world, for food, or sadly for sport--which slaughter pales in comparison to the slaughter of the tens of thousands of innocent unborn babies here in the United States-the greatest country on Gods beautiful green earth- where we supposidly value life more than any other country.
    Ray...Arlington, Tx