Thursday, 24 March 2011

The identity of the mystery writer is revealed....

Did you guess correctly? No? Well, it's hardly surprising really because the style and direction of this writer appears to have changed over the years and morphed from a semi traditional Catholic viewpoint to an all embracing liberal one...I hope I am not being unfair know who!

Well, I shall put you out of your misery and whisper in hushed tones the name of our mystery guest, it is none other than......Joanna Bogle!

Did you catch that?

No? Well here it is a little louder....JOANNA BOGLE!

Mrs Bogle appears to fall into the same category as Marmite, she is either loved or less loved but generally today she is loved by the liberal lobby and avoided by those who love the tradition of the faith.

Mind you, the article that I posted yesterday does reveal a much more orthodox woman than we perhaps see today.

And now, I have received some gentle criticism for the way that I have treated Mrs Bogle in the past so I would like to put my feelings on record.
She is not my cup of tea and I have criticised the way in which she appears to only select glowing comments to feature on her blog...I may be doing her an injustice but I think that to do such a thing is, shall we say, a little not quite correct (I am choosing my words carefully).
I also believe that Mrs Bogle is a professional journalist and is used to accepting both good and bad comments without sobbing into her pillow every night. She certainly will not be losing any sleep over any remarks that I have made, she is much too sensible for that.
One critic claims that my attitude to her is because she is a woman and I am a man...hmm, that does not really deserve a response so I shall only state that such a thing is risible!

Of one thing I am certain, Mrs Bogle will continue unimpeded by her critics and more power to her elbow. The world would be a duller place without a little dissent.
There is quite a full debate on her on James Preece's blog.


  1. Well no surprise there Richard! We knew you were about to go for it re Joanna. I think it is very ungentlemanly but then according to you I'm just an old liberal! Yeah right! Keep smiling Joanna..& keep the positive aspects of our faith such as the rosary adoration Walsingham Pilgrimages your books on Feasts & Seasons & for Aid to the Church in Need. I expect this post of mine will be censored just like my last I will post it on mah blog!

  2. LOved by the liberal lobby..rotflol..

  3. Would it be fair to infer that your definition of "liberal" includes anyone who is not 100 per cent enthusiastic about the Extraordinary Form?

  4. Patricius- no it would not be true. It is a hard question to answer briefly but I do believe that there are priests and laity of traditional leanings who only ever say or attend the OF Mass.
    However, a full blooded traditionalist, in my book, would only attend an EF Mass.
    Shades of grey I'm afraid.

  5. I know I'm not a liberal, due to my orthodox beliefs about transubstantiation, the Pope, abortion, contraception etc but I'm not sure what you would term me Catholic-wise ( an un-catechised and belligerent blogger?). I was at mass on St Patrick's day and spotted my dad there afterwards. He asked me if I'd joined in with the final hymn. I said "No dad, I didn't , due to it being in Latin." He said "It wasn't in Latin, it was in English, a very old hymn about St Patrick!"

    There's no hope for me, I sometimes fear.....

    Shine Jesus shine, on all of us and our foybles.

  6. Well that was a suprise.