Friday, 28 February 2014

Bile and vitriol.....the liberals view of orthodoxy

Is Mr Bean a liberal Catholic?
This blog has been featured, of late, on some Catholic Forum websites.

There has been an increase in my readership, in fact (hold on to your hats) I am now in double figures!

Somewhat intrigued I followed the comments made by those who read these forums.

They are a very different type of person from those who normally comment on this blog who are, for the most part courteous and charitable (I can do obsequious, no problem).

They are, it appears, what you might term 'liberal Catholics', that is, Catholics who do not employ logic based on doctrinal teaching but, instead, rely on a sort of warped emotional religious outlook that bears no resemblance to the teachings of (and here I am going to offend them) Our Blessed see....they do not like to use reverent forms of address, they would rather speak in the woolly and rather silly language of the socialist.

I really do not mind if people object to what I have to say providing that they are polite and informed but these folk are neither.

The overriding message that comes across is that they actually 'hate' all elements of orthodoxy; the Latin Mass, the Rosary, piety in the pew, regarding priests as 'other Christs' rather than drinking mates, and much more besides.

And the thing is, it would appear that, to a man or woman, none of them have attended a Latin Mass; they all carry a rucksack crammed full of the rocks of blind emotion.

Beat me up by all means but do it from an informed base.

When I criticize the Novus Ordo with its all too frequent profane accompaniments, I do it because I have experienced the banal input from the parish gestapo who like to indulge in daft acts such as having a dustbin (trash can) on the sanctuary so that the children in the congregation may, at a given signal, place scraps of paper in it on which are written details of the things they dislike.
Positively paganistic.

I am quite certain that liberal Catholics do not read this blog but, should any stray here blown by some internet mistral (how poetic) I would just like to invite them to get on with matters concerning their own salvation and allow those of us who might be dubbed as being 'traditional Catholics', to get on with ours.



  1. it's curious. There's one blog I visit because it seems to be the only Catholic blog in my country where most everything one addresses is taken as a personal attack with insuing liberal insults in return. I once pointed out that protestants, libcats and now, even the Pope (after Francis' psychic message from a false BVM during a homily) have questioned the Blessed Virgins sinlessness which is an unCatholic thing to do. I was chastised as being a 'satanic-anti-catholic'; aside from the term having an admirable assonance and consonance, that's quite often how things go - never the Viiista and the Trad shall meet.

  2. Of course, the biggest trap that liberals fall into is the systematic denigration of piety. They obviously have not read their catechism and discovered that piety is a gift of the Holy Spirit.

    Neither have they discovered that the alternative word for piety in this context is reverence.

    To quote a selected extract of Cardinal Arinze, please leave those who wish to take their faith seriously "in peace, and not in pieces".


  3. Good post Richard,

    In Domino,


  4. oh and let's not talk about Jesus too much-just enough to get people interested. a friend of mine works for a Catholic welfare agency and the chaplain was complaining that one of the pastoral care workers in a presentation to staff had "talked about Jesus" too much!!

  5. I think you do a great job and enjoy reading your postings...keep up the good work. The Truth sometimes causes fear in those less inclined to believe it, and so they lash out with the only defense they have - emotions. You can't debate emotions so you are correct in concluding that everyone should get on with their own salvation.

    1. Thank you Dave, all bouquets are much appreciated, and thank you Gervase, Sandy, Mike and Patrick.

  6. Yes, Dave, it is hatred of the truth. People who are following the world, rather than God and His Commandments, loathe the truth and any representation of it, in words or otherwise, and will attack the communicator of that truth with great viciousness. Thank you for your work. Evil is making more and more ground, within and without the Church. As Dr Robert de Mattei reminded us in his response to his axing from Radio Maria for his objective criticism of objective acts and words of the Pope - things start to happen more quickly as the end comes closer.

  7. To be fair to Rowan Atkinson, he was criticizing the heavy-handed use of the notorious section five of the Public Order Act to stifle free speech. You may remember that the Anglican Bishop of Chester, Peter Forster, had his collar felt by the Old Bill in 2003 for alleged 'homophobic' remarks, and the Canadian Supreme Court ruled recently that criticism of homosexual behaviour breached anti-discrimination laws, since homosexuals as a group were defined by their behaviour.

    The best thing to do with liberals is to hold them up to merciless ridicule. They can't deal with this, as they have little sense of irony and no sense of humour. You know you've scored a hit when they get all sanctimonious.