Tuesday, 19 October 2010

The shift begins, no more ecumencial dialogue, just action as a result of the Holy Father's initiative

Following year after dreary year of ecumencial embracing (all totally meaningless)The Anglican Faithful are responding to Anglicanorum Coetibus and several British parishes (and some Bishops) will be crossing the Tiber in the forthcoming months.
Many thousands in Africa and the USA have already either commenced or completed the process.
This is, of course, a wonderful occasion and there must be great rejoicing in Heaven as a result but I do fear for those poor Anglicans who will be leaving a beautful liturgy for cymbals, tambourines and nose flutes! I have not subjected myself to the OF Mass for over 20 years but I do observe what goes on, coming in, often on the tail end of a Novus Ordo Mass to attend the EF version.
There seems to be no regard, respect or reverence for the body of Christ present in the tabernacle; folk chatter at the tops of their voices and the sanctuary shows all the signs of the aftermath of a children's party. Inevitably, there are a few 'choir members' removing their guitars and skiffle boards. This will not impress our Anglican brethren who, in the main, will be coming from Churches that have all the appearance of places where the worship of God is the total raison d'etre.
I am overwhelmed by the fact that, most of the orthodox Catholics who attend Mass where we worship, are converts from the Anglican faith. Indeed, out of a congregation of around 25 souls (on a good day with the wind behind them), there are only two of us who are cradle Catholics! Perhaps this is where the current emigres will find their true base, I hope so, for their sakes.

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