Wednesday, 27 October 2010

What the Catholic Padre said to the Anglican Padre

A very charming visiting priest related this true story after he had celebrated the EF Mass for us recently.
A friend of his (who is a Catholic Army Chaplain) was approached by his colleague, the CoE Padre who asked if it was possible that he could keep hosts in the tabernacle used by Catholic Padres in the shared chapel on the base.
"I'm afraid not old chap, no can do" The Catholic Chaplain said.
"Why ever not" spluttered the Anglican; somewhat put out by this unecumenical response.
"Strictly against Queen's regs" said the Catholic Padre.
"Tell me where in Queen's regulations it states anything of the kind" retorted his opposite number.
"Why" Said the Catholic Chaplain. "It's Section 19, para 7 where it clearly states" 'Blanks must never be stored with live rounds!'

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