Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Now that's another reason why I don't like homosexuals!

According to one of the news agencies, Spanish homosexuals are planning to disrupt the visit of the Holy Father, early in November. What are they going to do? Why, they are going to line the streets and then start kissing as he goes past. Ugh. It is repulsive to think about it but what exactly are they hoping to achieve.
Will Pope Benedict swoon at the sight? Will he get an attack of the vapours? Perhaps he will burst into tears and ask to be taken back to Vatican City on the next available flight!
Actually, nothing is going to phase our Pope, certainly not a bunch of men kissing in public. He lives in Italy for goodness sake! All men kiss each other there - no big whoop as they say.
What is more worrying is the fact that these individuals feel the need to behave in this bad manner and that is yet another reason to add to my list of dislikes regarding practicing homosexuals - and no, this is not homophobia, I am not scared of them, I do not hate them, I feel the normal Christian love that we feel for our fellow man but I abhor their practices.

I dislike the fact that they:-

1. Demonstrate so violently against the Catholic Church
2. Network so covertly with like minded individuals
3. Are blatant in displaying their gender preferences via gay parades
4. The fact that they have hijacked a perfectly good word in the English language so that "gay" is now out   
    of common usage.
5. Deploy unacceptable sexual overtones at every possible opportunity.
6. Use their 'politically correct' status to their own unfair advantage, especially in the workplace.

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  1. Given that you are in fact distinguishing between 'homosexuals' and 'practicing homosexuals' --and of course at the level of liking and disliking, anyone is free to feel anything he wants to, all that being prior to the use of reason and judgment-- your title is misleading, isn't it? Were I one of those 'practicing' homosexuals, I suspect I wouldn't have made it past the title.