Monday, 18 October 2010

Here goes.......a leap into the blogosphere!

This is my umpteenth attempt to launch my blog, it has been a salutary experience and my admiration for seasoned bloggers such as Fathers, Tim Finigan, Ray Blake and Z together with laity such as Mac McLernon, Laurence England, James Preece and many more, has increased still more as a result of my computer wrestling.
I hope that my views (which will be orthodox Catholic views) will not upset my family and friends; there are some, however, that I hope will be upset, or, at the very least, will have reason to think again. I hope to upset those who support abortion, also the euthanasia lobby and those secularists who attack the Holy Father and his good works.
I may also upset a few Bishops which is no bad thing. The list is quite long I'm afraid but I plan to tackle it brick by brick as we say.
Above all else this site will be a recognition of martyrs who are possibly less well known than Saints Thomas More, John Fisher, Margaret Clitheroe and the rest of the host.

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  1. Good one Richard - welcome to the Blogosphere!

    Might I suggest putting in links when you mention other bloggers - it helps us find you (most of us do regular checks for links back to the blogs) and this will then increase traffic to your own blog...