Monday, 18 October 2010

A few questions to ask your Bishop.....

In the aftermath of the Pope's visit there appear to be two schools of thought; those who want to now 'get behind' their Bishops and let them proceed without question and those who want to challenge them (in a Christian manner)and find out what precisely they are planning to do to support the Holy Father. I fall into the latter category and so, have compiled a checklist of questions that I believe the Bishops should be strong enough and confident enough to answer.

Here they are:-

1. What have you done to support Summorum Pontificum and how many Extraordinary Mass centres have you encouraged to be set up in your Diocese?
2. How have you developed the teaching of the Catholic Faith in both Catholic and non Catholic schools within your jurisdiction?
3. Why did you not stand up against the Government when they imposed legislation regarding the adoption of children by homosexual couples?
4. Have you led or attended a Rosary Group outside an abortuary in your Diocese recently?
5. Have you taken steps to ensure that prospective seminary applicants with traditional values are not screened out of the vocations process?
6. Why, when you face such a shortage of priests, have you not invited any of the traditional orders (FSSP, ICKSP)to establish a parish in your Diocese?
7. What action have you taken against priests who indulge in liturgical or doctrinal abuse or who patently do not behave with the decorum expected of their calling?
8. The Holy Father very obviously desires that Holy Communion should be distributed to the faithful by mouth and kneeling where they can do so; why have you not encouraged your parishes to do the same?
9. Do you unswervingly support the Holy Father and his teachings and guidance?
10. Do you believe in a Faith based admissions system for Catholic Secondary schools (such as Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School)?

I am sure that there are many more questions waiting to be asked but an answer to any or all of the above would be most welcome.....I shan't hold my breath though.

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