Monday, 8 July 2013

Did you enjoy your first cigarette?


Maybe you relished your very first sip of whisky?

Or were uplifted by hearing Prokofiev for the first time.......or reading your first Shakespeare play?

For most people, such experiences are not always overwhelmingly pleasant; invariably (and, in the case of smoking, inexplicably) you have to repeat the process several times before full appreciation sets in.

Tastes or experiences that, at first seem strange and alien may need time and repetition  before mind and body become attuned.

                                                    The Latin Mass


  1. The best things always take a bit of work to be properly appreciated.

  2. Given all the evidence we have on the harmful effects of smoking, I consider it a sin for anyone (who is aware of these dangers) to freely decide to smoke their first cigarette. I find your comparison with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to be in poor taste.

  3. Peter Simpson - firstly, I did not compare smoking with the Mass. I compared the act of experiencing smoking with the experience of attending a Latin Mass, a subtle but important difference. Secondly, if you believe smoking to be a sin then I think you are in the wrong Church, I am sure the Presbyterians would love to have you. Smoking would only be a sin if you spent all your money on indulging yourself to the detriment of your dependants. It is not a sin, per se any more than imbibing alcohol or driving a car.
    Thank you Lynda.

  4. "Given all the evidence we have on the harmful effects of smoking, I consider it a sin for anyone (who is aware of these dangers) to freely decide to smoke their first cigarette." Jansenism?

    I loved the analogies, Richard.

  5. Thanks Lynne, I found Peter's comment mildly alarming...things are far worse in the liberal Church than I had imagined.

  6. Hmm, Peter. It's pretty disgraceful to compare the Kingdom of Heaven to a mustard seed then, by your reasoning.

  7. or.....the comparison of the pelican who plucks her own breast to feed her young,and the sacrifice of Christ.

  8. Hi Richard,
    While I was at Gricgliano (Or however you spell that!) there was a debate between a Priest and two laymen, about whether smoking is the sin of suicide... By the end however, it was decided that it was not a sin. Just look at Pope St Pius X who apparently had a holy water stoop on one side of the door, and an ash tray on the over!
    I think that your comparisons are very good, even though I have only done the last two of them, yet!!!!

  9. Charlie, many thanks. Having smoked for my younger years I can definitely state that it's not worth it, but, I believe you know that. As for whisky....well.....

  10. My first experience of the TLM was a pivotal moment in my return to the Church. I loved it from the start and I am very thankful for Summorum Pontificum, otherwise I would still be listening to liberal Novus Ordo pablum sermons and rancid hippy music "hymns" (if I was still attending Mass at all).
    I suppose my experience is unusual (based on my unscientific survey of internet opinion). I view it as finding an oasis while in a state of spiritual thirst, and yes I do view liberal Catholicism as a spiritual desert. I have found that hippy-dippy liberal clergy avoid the TLM like the plague so that's another good point.

    As far a tobacco goes I disliked cigarettes but grew to like cigars.

  11. Here's an interesting article which suggests that smokers can get to heaven!

  12. How true! I attended a latin mass with my mum when I was about 13 but I didn't like it because it was in an old people's home (not very kind of me, but there you are). Also, my Mum didn't explain anything to me. Then, I attended it again about 10 years later and still understood nothing. It was only when people pointed out to me what was going on and I could follow it in a missal that the love affair began :)

  13. Anonymous, thank you.
    Patricius, an excellent post, thanks for the link.
    Rhoslyn, an old people's home is not a good start but you have made up for lost time.