Sunday, 21 October 2012

Now there's a thought

Fed up with the fact that there is not a Tridentine Latin Mass within a 6 hour journey by Boeing 747 from you?

That your Bishop never answers your letter requests for the implementation of Summorum Pontificum?

Well, here's a notion for you to ponder on while you're chanting your latin primer......

....find a retired priest (in a convent or a bungaloid) near you and ask if, for a small sum of folding money (excluding ten pence coins with hinges), he will celebrate the old Mass for you and your friends.
Once a week, or once a month, on a Sunday.

It's what estate agents call a "win win" situation by which they mean that the priest gets a bit of brass to eke out his pension and you get the Mass of all Time.
Something that the Latin Mafia Society might like to consider.

And..........if the Bish won't provide you with a church for that......then it's time to do the French thing.
No, not storm the Bastille.

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