Wednesday, 3 October 2012

A first for a young priest

Saturday 13th October sees two important events in London.
The Rosary Crusade of Reparation commences at Westminster Cathedral at 1.15pm and, at 2pm at St Mary's Church Clapham, a young priest will celebrate his first EF Mass.

A shame that there is such a clash but, if you cannot make one, perhaps you could make the other.

Here is the TLM story from Mark Lambert

And, if you cannot make either, please offer up your prayers on behalf of Fr Dominic and also the Crusade.

Of course, October 13th is the anniversary of Fatima's Miracle of the Sun and, if you should need reminding, here is an extract from Our Lady of Fatima Conference:

"At the predetermined hour, the rain stopped, and the thick mass of clouds broke. The sun looked like a disc of dull silver, and began dancing wildly. The people shouted out: "MIRACLE!" It seems that the majority of the people saw the sun trembling and dancing, whirling around like a catherine wheel; it descended almost low enough to burn the earth with its rays. Many thought the end of the world had come, as the sun seemed to fall upon them. People reported color changes in objects on earth, caused by the rays of the sun. Some expressed sorrow for their sins aloud. Some who had come to ridicule now believed".


  1. It will be a pleasure to offer prayers on that day for the young priest ass we will BE in Fatima on the 95th anniversary of the amazing miracle of the sun.

    Prayers for all who appear through this blog for all your intentions will be said there for you. Mom A.


  2. Wish we could join you, say a prayer for us please.