Wednesday, 18 April 2012

There is a message here for the Church as well as the State

Luton to the north of London is a bog standard English town; at least it used to be.
Now it is a hotbed of radical Islamists. Who would have thought that this bland little town would be assumed into the Islamist fold; what other areas will end up being more closely aligned with Islamabad than with, say, Chipping Sodbury?

Does this affect those of other faiths living in places such as Bradford, Luton and Finsbury Park?

Of course it does but the most chilling part is that this is the tip of the iceberg.
More will follow and the movement will gather volition.

H/T to Mark Shea in National Catholic Register for flagging this up.

And kudos to the young woman who faced up to the faceless ones.


  1. Dear me! These chaps do seem to have suffered a charm extraction. Someone should tell them to lighten up and, perhaps, have a drink!

  2. Patricius - you are right, of course. A good pint of English ale and a pork pie, perfect!

  3. Brave girl and what an appallking state for England. Sounds like a job for the EDL