Wednesday, 25 April 2012

"Death where is thy sting?"

There are some people who are quite phobic about death. Understandable, in a sense, especially if they do not have a faith.

Others refuse to discuss the subject or refer to it euphemistically as though it does not exist or will never happen.

But it does happen.
 Sometimes without warning, sometimes in illness and, inevitably, in old age.

We cannot avoid it but we can, as Catholics, prepare ourselves for a new and much better life; and one that will be eternal.

This clip shows a young boy who, at the time was terminally ill and who has since died.
He shows an amazing acceptance of the situation and an equally amazing appreciation of what lies ahead for him.

H/T to Fr Z for covering it and to Kathryn Lopez who first posted on Garvan.


  1. That was probably the most beautiful, concise, and complete explaination of the faith I have ever seen... and so sweet. St. Gavin Byrne pray for us. Aaron

  2. Incredibly moving. "Unless you become as a little child you shall not enter the kingdom of heaven". Thank you Gavin, please be a friend to all my family.

  3. Sorry, 'Gavin' should of course read 'Garvan'.