Sunday, 8 April 2012

A Happy and Holy Easter....and an early farewell

To all Catholic bloggers and especially all members of the Guild of Blessed Titus Brandsma - a very Happy, Holy and Peaceful Easter.

A fitting image for Easter Sunday - Agnus Dei outside
St Patrick's Cathedral, Melbourne

And an early farewell to Australia as we shall depart in a week's time but, in the meantime, we are off up country for some back to basics camping (but with a fair modicum of comfort).

We arrived in Australia three weeks ago only to find some foul accusations against my blog and myself. It would appear that a blogger from Ireland (identity unknown) contacted an Australian blogger passing himself off as 'Linen on the Hedgerow'. When the Australian blogger tried to respond all went wonky and froze up.

So, the Australian then did a post casting vile smears and innuendo against me, not nice.
Of course, he only published some of the comments I sent challenging him, and finally, he published a half hearted retraction of sorts, but no apology. So, I offered up my Easter Sunday Mass on his behalf and on behalf of the 'Irish' impersonator who set the hare running. That offering up was only done with an effort, I am far from saintly when unjustly accused, but I hope the good Lord accepts it as the best that I can do.

It does illustrate the dangers that are on the internet for bloggers. Passing off is a rather nasty one as it can ricochet around the ether very quickly; judging others before you have properly checked on the truths behind a scam is also encumbent on us all, we should not be easily duped.

Enough; Australia is a great country and the people of Melbourne warm, friendly and courteous.
You only have to set foot on a crowded Metro or tram for somebody to leap to their feet offering you their seat, something that appeared to take place regardless of age or sex.

We have supped the best coffee in the world, been met with impeccable service and, best of all, we have been able to attend EF Mass at Caulfield North which must surely rank up there with St Mary Magdalen, Brighton, The Sacred Heart, Morriston and Our Lady of the Rosary at Blackfen.

On the down side....I admit to missing real warm draught beer a la Reverend James but that's about all.

Except that......I do not know how anybody can afford to live is expensive beyond one's wildest dreams.......a modest toasted sandwich (equivalent) could easily set you back circa 8 or 9 pounds sterling and the cost of a bottle of wine is, well....phew! Mortgage schemes exist to help you buy a drink out here!

So that's it for about a week, golden silence for you and some trout fishing for me and thank you Australia!


  1. Happy Easter, Richard!

    Hope you have a safe journey home.

    He is Risen! Alleluia!

  2. Happy Easter, Richard. Watch out for the spiders!

    Christ is risen! Alleluia!

  3. Happy Easter Richard! Christus Resurrexit! Resurrexit Vere!

  4. Happy Easter Annie, Dylan and Chris. Your greetings make me feel very homesick, see you all soon, DV.

  5. Happy Easter Richard and have a great time.

  6. Happy Easter, Richard. I thought of you during the Last Gospel this morning "and the light shineth in the darkness and the darkness did not comprehend it".
    It's the weeping and gnashing of teeth that you hear.
    Off and enjoy your trout tickling and watch out for the Black Widows.
    Christus Resurrexit! Christus Vincit!

  7. Happy Easter!
    At the teacher's centre wherein it is one of my occasional "joys" (not) to represent where I work, one good thing we had was a police officer in the computer crime branch giving an hour long talk some weeks back. Little new, most wellknown .
    One I repeat for other parents , not just christians, which was already our practcice, and even so twould be better to go amish(which the catholic version is plain catholics):
    You do NOT not not, never ever have computers (or tvs) in bedrooms.They will protest.Let them. The family computer(s') 's ONLY place MUST be in the living room, in sight of all . (Good even for paterfamilias- we immune to temptation?)
    We had a number of exceedingly nasty cases told us of identity theft - excuse me saying so,and not to belittle you, so far on your evidence you've got off comparatively lightly!
    It's a backhanded compliment really - would the devil inspire anyone to go for you if you were following his game-plan?
    But beware all - there's been people targeting things catholic these past two decades and more , great and small: they don't stick at vatican websites. and they can be very clever!
    You do not bare your life on internet as just plain Joe bagodonuts.You make sure your kids don't do that for you!
    You must needs do so even less as a catholic. No who, no where, no no no photos - you don't want to find out what they can get - via software!- with photos with dates, car numberplates, identifyable buildings, adding two and two and making four. ......
    Our trust is in the good Lord.
    whatsoever we put- and often don't realize we are putting on internet is available to the bad guys forever:the hundred -for -one -with -persecution is taking sinister modern forms we had dreamt not of.
    God bless

  8. Richard,
    A Happy Blessed and Holy Easter to You and All your Readers-The Lord Has Truly Risen Alleluia Alleluia!

    God bless,


  9. Happy Easter, and may your camping trip refresh you.

  10. Easter Blessings Richard Collins! I thought you might enjoy taking a peek at the photos of the TLM at my parish, St. Paul's. Although I have stopped writing on my Little Way blog for now, I am going to hang on to this second blog for awhile in the hope of attracting more of the faithful to the TLM. I wanted to make things more about "Him" and less about "me" and just posting photos with almost no editorial is a good way for me to do that. Do pop in for a visit if you get a chance and if, in your generosity, you saw fit to add to your blogroll, I'd be most grateful. Please don't feel obligated.

  11. Seems as if you'll just be missing Michael Voris, who is doing a speaking tour in Australia, next week. Info here: