Sunday, 15 April 2012

Random rants

As I stood in a line of disparate Brits at London Heathrow Airport's immigration barriers, I removed my Aussie bought Panama hat in the certain knowledge that the Immigration Official who would vet my passport, would request its removal in order to certify my image in the aforesaid document.

Looking around at my fellow passengers (flight from Qatar) I observed a fair sprinkling of men and women with a variety of headgear ranging from full veils to crochet type caps to turbans.
No one asked them to remove their head coverings. Such is the state of Britain today.

Doubtless, if I had challenged the officials, I would have been bundled off to the Tower of London to await the judgement of the Mayor, one Boris Johnson.

Now what on earth has Boris been up to whilst I've been away?
He has banned an ad campaign set up by some evangelical Christians who feel that being homosexual is not a finality and that, with treatment, a homosexual can revert to a normal gender.

I am sure that they are right, I'm less sure about their way of getting the message across, plastered along the length of London buses.
But, hey! we have bus ads promoting the concept that there is not a God (possibly) and ones promoting homosexuality ("Some people are gay, get over it!") - I'll pass on the T Shirt, thanks. So why bar one with a Christian theme?

Maybe that particular Stonewall slogan could do with a tweak, something like "Some people are gay and can get over it!"

But the real point is, why is it an issue that dear old Boris should get involved with?
Well, we all know the answer to that one, it is the time of the mayoral election and he is after the homosexual vote.

Like David Cameron who wants to introduce homosexual 'marriage' Boris does not give a toss for the Christian vote, and why should he when our dear leaders offer such appallingly weak opposition to such schemes?

Thank the good Lord for ex archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey. He is not afraid to stand up and take some flak for his Christian faith. Any chance of him joining the Ordinariate? Unlikely, I guess. And have they got their own church yet? Does anyone know?

It was sad to see Rick Santorum withdrawing from the Republican candidacy race but, do not write him off yet.
That may seem a silly and rash statement to make but, after so many Rosaries were offered on his behalf we must remember that God acts in His own time span, not man's.
Keep praying, there are more things in Heaven and Earth etc.

Some apologies due to fellow bloggers whom I would have wished to respond to in their comments box over the past four weeks. I have been borrowing various bits of micro technology (very grateful, Matteo, don't get me wrong) to post a few bits and pieces but the ipads and Applemacs have been a trial for my clumsy fingers and even clumsier IQ. So, sorry but I will be returning to the fray as from tomorrow.

And, finally, to end on a lighter note I have to relay a sign seen stuck on a 4 x 4 in the State of Victoria recently.

It stated:

"I'd rather a full bottle in front of me to a full frontal lobotomy"

That, I think, is one to treasure.


  1. Now, now; we Yanks don't tell you whom to vote for as P.M. Of course I hope and pray the next president doesn't fancy himself Leader of the Free World and all that. I'm with Blaise Pascal about staying home and minding one's own business.

    As for the other matter, huzzah indeed!

    Wherever the Catholic sun doth shine
    There's always laughter and good red wine
    At least I've heard that this is so:
    Benedicamus Domino!

    -- Hilaire Belloc

    (My quote might not be precise)

    I am happy you are safely home, tho' God knows Australia is God's third-favorite nation.

    -- Mack in Texas

  2. Oh, nooooooooooo! I forgot about the robot code! Arrrrrrgggggh!

  3. And would you have the few remaining real nuns remove their veils at passport control or boarding gate?!!

  4. Lynda - no, all I ask for is parity.

    Mack - I would not presume to tell anyone how to vote but surely every Catholic should have got behind Santorum. Thanks for your kind wishes.

    Chris - Huzzah indeed. I shall use that word more often.

    Michael - Thank you indeed.

  5. I hope that those who oppose Johnson's stand on same sex marriage express their views by withholding their vote at the forthcoming Mayoral elections. As all the candidates are of the same persuasion, it would be better to spoil one's vote by scrawling across it - "No to same-sex marriage".

    I intend to do that at the next elections. I have already told my MP, Oliver Letwin that I will not vote for his party again.