Saturday, 28 April 2012

A Jug of Wine, a Loaf of Bread - and Thou.....

Tomorrow is a special day.

It marks forty years of wedded bliss for Mrs Linen and me.

The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony is one that is so often taken for granted. But, it is not a one off sacrament; it remains with you throughout your married life and its graces will rise and fall according to how much one applies the required acts of patience, humility, love and forbearance that a successful union demands.

We have been blessed with a happy marriage and four children. What more could one desire?

And we now crave the simple life, no bright lights and swish restaurants for us. We plan to celebrate tonight (as we shall be at Mass on Sunday and it's a long drive back - thank you Bishop).

We shall wend our way far from the throng to a lonely beach (weather permitting).

In my knapsack will be a bottle of wine and chips for hell with the expense!

That is how we wish to celebrate our first forty years together. How romantic say some; how mean say others...but it's our choice.

So, "A jug of wine, fish and chips and Thou..."  may not quite have the same poetic ring to it that Omar Khayyam may have intended but it will do nicely for us.

Not quite what Omar had in mind

And just for the record we were married at The Church of the Holy Name, Esher, Surrey.
Father Richard Sutherland RIP (son of the famous Halliday) did the necessary and provided a fine sermon that I can still remember quite well today.

He took the Wedding Feast at Cana as his homily (an obvious choice perhaps but Fr S had a fine way with words).

One sentence in particular still rings in my ears:

"Love has no levels; you cannot half love someone, you either love them wholly and fully or not at all. A married couple must remember that and ensure that their marriage reflects that fact; just as Almighty God loves us all wholly and without reserve."


  1. I think that all sounds wonderfully and authentically romantic. I hate contrived settings in posh expensive restaurants. You're paying for a false atmosphere to be created, whereas this will be nature's call, weather wise any way if you're anywhere near Wales haha!

    Seriously Richard, Happy Anniversary to you and your wife. Maybe write something to read out after you've eaten, or should it be before you eat? I'm no good at any of this stuff, so don't take my word for romantic protocol but do have a great time.

    Here's to the next forty years. Cheers!!

  2. Richard - I wish you a very happy anniversary and many years to come.

  3. What was it Browning said in Rabbi Ben Ezra
    "Grow old along with me
    the best is yet to be "

    Happy Anniversary to you amd Mrs Linen

  4. Happy anniversary to you both! Wishing you many more happy years to come.

  5. Much joy and many blessings on your ruby anniversary, you romantic dears...and don't even think of posting on this blog tomorrow :)

  6. Fish and chips and the sea -- perfect!

    Happy anniversary!

    -- Mack in Texas

  7. Richard,
    Happy anniversary to your good Self and Mrs Linen-I will remember you both tomorrow at the TLM!

    God Bless,


  8. Many congrats to you and your Dutch. Now you can go for gold!

  9. Happy Anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Collins!

  10. Dear friends - a thank you from us both. We did manage, in a small gap of sunshine, to eat our fish and chips which were freshly made not twenty yards from the beach.
    God bless you all and we shall remember you in our prayers.