Saturday, 18 June 2011

CRITICAL PURSUIT! - a little diversion for the weekend

Here is the Catholic Pub Quiz, edition uno........if you wish to test just how knowledgeable you are about the faith....just go for it.
Answers will be featured on Sunday.

Good Providence!

  1. Who was eaten by dogs in the Old Testament?   

  1. How many books of the Prophets are there in the Old Testament?                                      

  1. According to Vatican II which instrument is to be held in high esteem at Mass?                                 

  1. At Fatima in 1917 what word did the Angel cry out to the children three times?                          

  1. Who was the last Apostle to die?                   

  1. How many popes have there been?                 

  1. How was St Paul martyred?                       

  1. What is an aumbry?                 

  1. Who was the mother of St Augustine?             

  1. What is an Ad Clerum?                   

  1. What do the 3rd, 7th and 9th stations of the cross have in common?                                       

  1. What is the first corporal work of mercy?    

  1. What is a pre dieu?                              

  1. What did pilgrims en route to Compostela historically carry with them?                                    

  1. What does the word Martyr mean in its Greek original?     

  1. What is meant by the phrase hypostatic union? 

  1. Which martyred bishop has his feast on July 1st ?

  1. What is a zucchetto?      

  1. Which Saint translated the Vulgate version of the bible in the 4th century?                                

  1. In which year did Vatican II commence?                 


  1. I am just having a bit of trouble with number 17. If it had been 1st JUNE instead...oh hang on! Would it be the martyred successor of St Patrick?

  2. I never learnt my catechism, I was never taught it actually, but I'll have a go......

    No 1 Lazarus?
    No 2 6?
    No 3 Chalice
    No 9 St Monica
    No 11 The falls of Jesus
    No 12 To preach the gospel?
    No 19 St Augustine
    No 20 1961

  3. Answers to quiz

    1.Jezebel, 2.18 books, 3.Pipe Organ,4, “Penance” 5.St. John, 6.265, 7. Beheaded with sword. 8.a cupboard 9.St Monica, 10.A bishop’s letter to clergy of his diocese,11, Jesus’s falls, 12. feed the hungry, 13 a kneeling “desk” 14. cockleshell 15 witness 16 union of divine and human natures in Christ, 17 St Oliver Plunket 18. skullcap worn by bishops, 19. St Jerome 20.1962

  4. Well done Patricius......not sure about the number of Popes Catholic source was probably counting B16 !

  5. No, I'm pretty sure it's 265 popes including B16 ! (I remember going through this with my RE class on his election.

    Stephen II is usually omitted from the number because he died before consecration (he's number 92 in the Catholic Encyclopaedia list)

  6. Mac - chizzle! Thanks for the info (I won't tell Patricius) :)