Saturday, 18 June 2011

The tragedy of Fr Corapi

I am not going to make any comment regarding the Fr Corapi issue other than to say that is both tragic and immensely sad.

I try to measure it against a priestly anniversary party held recently in a Diocese I know of. It was for a priest who had, some years previously, fled his parish overnight and returned to his native Ireland rather than have the police press alleged charges against him regarding importuning for young men in a public lavatory. Within a couple of years he was back in the Diocese, admittedly in a non contact role and there he remains, celebrating I don't know how many years of priesthood.

Of one thing I am sure. The devil strikes those whom we love and respect the most. Prayers are needed.


  1. prayers prayers prayers....we MUST pray but priests also need to pray for themselves, protecting their vocations and realizing that satan hates them most of all

  2. Prayers,..and more prayers. I have a great admiration for Fr. Corapi,..but something is just not right...:(

  3. I can only pray but I know that satan attacks and Fr. Corapi could really teach Catholicism correctly. So, I thank God for all the good that Fr. Corapi was allowed to do for the faithful. And I pray that Fr. Corapi is somehow going to be 'righted'.