Wednesday, 23 April 2014

One day this man will be canonised

Abandon all preconceptions you may have regarding the SSPX or its founder, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, and watch this brief preview of a documentary on the life of this saintly man.

A priest who never ever celebrated the Novus Ordo Mass.


The full documentary DVD is available from the Angelus Press.
Not sure if its in European format though.


  1. If its not in European format you can watch it on your computer if you download VLC. It's free

    1. Thanks Chloe. I am a child of the low tech era!

  2. He never celebrated the N.O. mass not quite! He celebrated the mass using the 1965 missal in the (mostly) vernacular and this was the norm for the SSPX for the first few years.

  3. I'm surprised you're not denied Communion for saying such things ;) careful!

    1. Tee, hee, I shall report you to your M & D Rhoslyn!

  4. It's an excellent documentary. A true Missionary Apostle of Christ. A man of immence supernatural faith who was in no doubt that VII was the reanimation of the golem of the French Revolution.

  5. Wow, he never celebrated the Norvus Ordo Mass!!! What a holy holy man! Now if he had just been obedient to the Pope.....

    1. Truecatholic...he was obedient to God! BTW, the word 'wow' is banned from this blog. God bless.

  6. An article by Michael Davies mentioning the "Transitional" Mass of 1965 in context.

    If "Fr John" has any evidence other than anecdotal that ++LeFebvre embraced the Novus Ordo at Econe - it would be interesting to hear. All I can find on the net is second hand stuff on sedevacantist websites referring to "a seminarian told me...". I am not in any way calling "Fr John" a liar - but would be interested to see his evidence.


    Five times banished
    Exiled seventeen
    Excommunicated champions
    God puts at each scene.

    Saint Athanasius,
    Feast day of worth
    On the second of May
    The month of great mirth.

    Out in the deserts –
    As history has charted –
    You preserved the true Mass
    Great lion-hearted.

    Now Lefebvre
    And the sixties egalitarians
    Like Athanasius,
    His time his Arians.

    For He who abolished
    Death by death
    Sent him to absolve
    Sin width and breadth.

    And yes the same moon
    The same sun we're all under…
    We venal rain - but Lefebvre

    Righteous thunder!!

    1. Long Skirts, I never cease to be amazed at your talent, but you are right to recall St Athanasius. Happy Easter to you!.

  8. Happy Easter to you, Richard, and I am not really that talented. I just write to defend the Faith and the True Priests in the only way I know how in as few words as possible because I really can't articulate any other way, and for many years, while raising our 10 kids, I didn't have much time so I had to say whatever I could in the shortest way possible because there were always dirty diapers waiting to be changed and that's REALLY a place where angels fear to tread!! ;-)

  9. All good things come to those who wait and let us hope the wait won't be too long in coming. I only seen him once in the mid-80's, but even then he brought out the TV crews just for doing Confirmations. A massive presence wherever he went on earth, and I dare say, just as massive in his new home...