Thursday, 24 April 2014

Time for a peek at London Catholic Worker

That's about all I can manage on an annual basis, their website always seems so skewed away from current affairs and matters topical (such as the 40 Days for Life Vigil that has just ended).

It's rather like entering a 1960s time warp  but, instead of CND protestors we now have Catholic priests committing acts of vandalism on public buildings....they obviously have no concept of 'Thou shalt not steal' as, of course, it is our money that has to be brought to bear in cleaning up graffiti (what they quaintly call 'marking').

Fr Martin Newell (centre) Does his Superior know?
They are protesting about Afghanistan and Iraq and Trident and, I guess, any defence mechanism designed to protect us and to (hopefully) liberate those who have to endure the caring embrace of the Taliban or Ba'athists.

A Father Martin Newell, a Passionist, has just been released from a 28 day sojourn courtesy of Her Majesty's Prison, Wandsworth.

He was committed to jail for non payment of fines imposed for criminal acts of 'marking' government buildings.

Now I suppose he is back on his pastoral duties, aerosol spray in hand, looking for a tax office or job centre to vandalise, ah me.

The LCW website is also fighting the cause of Bradley Manning (whom they call 'Chelsea'). Apparently the notion that sex changes do not feature in Catholic teachings has escaped them.

 And the consequences of his treachery are not, of course, mentioned.

But search for a mention of anything Catholic and you will be hard pressed to find one single item; nothing concerning the Holy Father, nothing regarding Cardinal Nichols and, shock, horror, no Latin Mass schedule for the Archdioceses of Westminster and Southwark.

Now that is a surprise!

If you have masochistic tendencies you may like to take your own peek at London Catholic Worker's website HERE but don't say that I didn't warn you.


  1. It's OK. If you report them to Eccleston Square the CBCEW will tell them to stop using the word Catholic.


  2. Since the JPII apparently consecrated Russia without consecrating it but consecrating the 'world' and the kitchen sink instead in 1984, some 600 million babies have been slaughtered in the womb. That's half the population of China.

    A report on the Russian abortion industry in the Economist a few years ago stated that for every Russian woman there are five or six abortions.

    I wonder if those pictured are kept up at night worrying about those 'rivers of blood'.