Friday, 4 April 2014

Are you armed?

I mean with a rosary?

And not just one rosary. It is a good practice to have several on hand to give away to those who are in need, Catholic or non Catholic, Christian or non Christian.

The effect of a gift of a rosary on, say, a dying person can be dramatic.

I have known of people who, with little or no faith, have been drawn closer to God as a result of receiving the gift of a rosary.

It is a symbol of mystery, it is something to wonder at.

Above all else it may be the key to Heaven's gates for them.

A group of traditional Catholics (I think, parishioners of St Bede's, Clapham Park) in their spare time stand outside London Underground stations giving away rosaries to those who, perhaps, have no faith.

They would appreciate cash or rosaries to support them in their mission.

One of them, Graham Moorhouse, publishes an online magazine called Le Tocsin.

You may subscribe (free) to the magazine HERE or, forward cash or rosaries (or just offer up a rosary or two on their behalf).

Brave souls. We need more like them.


  1. I never leave home without at least one Rosary. I have beautiful beaded Rosaries, wooden and plastic ones too that I keep in my pockets. I try to encourage the kids to do the same but only one of them actually does. I buy at least one every time I visit the Carmel with the intention of passing them along. Instructions are also very helpful to Rosary "novices" as we'll as the heathens. God bless. Joyce

  2. A rosary is probably a soothing thing to have. Great idea to share the faith. Thanks for posting.