Sunday, 16 March 2014

Why not ask the Bishop?

"Dear Bishop....."

Deacon Nick Donnelly of the excellent blog 'Protect the Pope' has been asked by his Bishop, to observe a period of prayer and reflection.

In other words, to stop reporting on the nefarious activities of oddball groups of so called Catholics whom so many of our Bishops seem  keen to embrace.

Now the Bishop in question, Bishop Michael Campbell, has his own blog, you may visit it HERE

So, if you would like to (politely) ask him why Deacon Nick has been muzzled I suggest you leave a comment on the Bishop's blog.

My comment to the Bishop is below:-

Dear Bishop, Deacon Nick Donnelly of the blog, Protect the Pope, provided many of the faithful with a sound insight into church affairs, especially into the disgraceful activities of the ACTA organisation.
Could you please tell me, therefore, why you have asked him to observe a period of prayer and reflection?
Assuring you of my prayers. Richard Collins.


  1. So he gets to blog but not the faithful deacon?? He might prevent too many souls being lost.

  2. I posted a question to Bishop Campbell on Friday last and asked him why Deacon Donnelly has been asked to stop blogging. It was not published and I did not get a reply. Lyn

  3. I don't think there ever have been any comments enabled on Bishop Campbell's blog, and I don't think he posts personally. I don't suppose he ever gets to see any comments that are made.

    1. Simon, I am sure that you are right. But I like to keep up the pressure.

    2. I suppose _someone_ must read the comments.

  4. One priest in the North of his diocese appears not to use holy books in celebrating Mass - a loose-leaf folder has prominence. The same has also, to all intents and purposes, 'Concelebrated' with the laity - prefering to have them aside him on the altar. He also has been known to turn up for Mass in 'civvies' - very French.

    Clearly +Campbell sees himself as one of the 'Magic Circle' and Eccleston Square sensitive.

  5. "The same has also, to all intents and purposes, 'Concelebrated' with the laity..."

    I know another Lancaster priest, who did attempt concelebration with the laity: at at least one Sunday mass in 1998. (I was there.)