Thursday, 27 March 2014

The cry of a child about to be incinerated

On 22nd May 1969, various British newspapers reported on the case of an aborted baby that, on its way to the incinerator, cried out.

There is nothing new in the shocking story currently circulating about miscarried foetuses (and, presumably, aborted babies) being incinerated.

What is really shocking is the fact that we have allowed this barbaric practice to proceed uninterrupted for so long.

We have become complacent and, perhaps, not supported the pro life organisations as much as we could have done, but the bishops also have not been at the forefront of bringing the issue of the sanctity of human life to the attention of those medics and nurses who, 45 years into the baby incineration process, have now completely lost sight of their actions; to them they are disposing of clinical waste.

Back in 1969 my eldest brother John, RIP, wrote a poem expressing the horror of this practice.

It is abhorrent, in the extreme to think of an aborted child crying out but many do, on mortuary slabs and, I am sure, on the way to the incinerator.

Hear me O God.  Hear.
From the depths of my condemned cell I cry.
None will hear me but You because You see,
I have no vote.
I did not murder nor did I steal or wound.
Yet I am held here helpless before the sterile steel.
Or the poisoned needle.
A death too brutal for murderers is a death
reserved for me.
No comforting breast nor loving Mother's arms await me.
My body will be given to be burned.
What have I done? I have not earned
this sordid unlamented end.
In sin was I conceived. Unwanted I die
before I shall be born.
O when the metal enters my brain,
when I shall kick my last convulsive agony,
take me, take me to Your arms.
None will console me, none cherish me.
None hear my last suffocated
shriek from the traitorous womb.
Save You, save only You.
O love me God.

John Francis Collins RIP


  1. Thank you. The souls of the masses have died through continual complicity in great evil and no repentance.

  2. What a moving poem. Reading it I just wanted to weep.

  3. A fine and compelling poem. Thank you, Richard, for publishing it.

    Sheer rage makes any further comment difficult.

    God bless!

  4. We can never call ourselves a civilized society when the weakest amongst us are slaughtered in the womb. May God have mercy on the souls of the little ones aborted. +JMJ+

    1. ''May God have mercy on the souls of the little ones aborted'' Surely the little ones aborted have no need of God's mercy?-All who co-operate in abortions are among those most in need of Divine mercy.

  5. "I tremble for my country when I remember that God is Just " Thomas Jefferson.
    May God's Justice rain down upon those who carry out this heinous work. Thank you Richard for sharing your brother's poem.

  6. Incinerating aborted babies and miscarried babies in order to heat a hospital is barbaric, but if these same people willingly murder them then what do we, as a society, expect of them? Very, very little.
    We must keep defending all unborn babies in the womb in every way possible as they have no voice but ours.
    Please pray for the next Oxford Pro life witness this coming Saturday, 29th, that God will hear our cries and people's hearts will be moved.
    This poem is absolutely beautiful, Richard. May John rest in peace. God Bless, Amanda

  7. A very powerful poem. Thanks for giving us this.

  8. Senator Jim Walsh quoted this poem during debate on the abortion bill that was passed last year in Ireland.

  9. Lynda, many thanks for passing that information on to me. The family will be most pleased that JFC's poem was read out in the Dail.

  10. You're welcome. It was in Seanad Eireann. July 2013. You could probably find.

  11. What a beautiful poem. This should surely get more press coverage. May your brother rest in peace.

    I found the link to the Senate debate. I had heard that debate but didn't know the poem.