Thursday, 8 May 2014

Typical Lourdes

Lourdes is full of LGBTs, I mean, of course, Libyans, Germans, Belgians and Tanzanians.

And still the nationality count goes up. It is, in reality, a microcosm of the Catholic world.

This is brought home more keenly by the fact that Latin Masses are as rare as pork pies in a mosque - Ooh! Am I allowed to say that?

We have been unfortunate (in missing the ICKSP Pilgrimage and Cardinal Burke by one day) but fortunate in having an EF Mass courtesy of the Order or Malta for the past five days.

It strikes me that traditional groups should leave their EF Mass schedules at the Domain information office....keep hammering it home that there ARE Latin Masses in Lourdes.

Also, a small poster on the Domain pilgrimage information board (totally out of date) would be helpful (and a few left in nearby cafes while you're at it).

We are very good at hiding our light under a bushel!

So here are some pictorial views of la belle Lourdes!

Waiting for Mewlier Fortis
Just follow the instructions
Dedicated to members of The Confraternity of the Holy Cross, Menevia

A happy pilgrim...nationality unknown...ahem




  1. 'Traditional groups should leave their schedules at the information office' YES PLEASE!! and an excellent idea to leave leaflets in cafes and perhaps at the back of each church there or at least at the back of the Upper Basilica where some of us now know we can sometimes find a Mass in the Extraordinary Form.

    Until this happens I shall have to carry on approaching the first Priest I see in town wearing a soutane who usually has the information on him!

  2. Great that you've been able to have a traditional mass each day . Those of us back here in Menevia are very appreciative of all prayers for the confraternity of the Holy Cross. Thank you.

  3. Replies
    1. Ahem...paws for thought. Enjoy Lourdes and please say an Ave pour moi.