Saturday, 3 May 2014

Protect the heretic

O Mary conceived without sin, pray
for us who have recourse to thee

So now we are in Lourdes and soaking up the holy aura that permeates every inch of the town.

But I cannot switch off my brain from thinking of the latest in the Protect the Pope saga.
 I am sure that Deacon Nick and his wife will, by now be heartily sick of the whole shebang and even wish that the blog had never been started in the first place.

They need our prayers.

But I also read on That the Bones you have crushed may Thrill blog that Lancaster Diocese is the recipient of an ACTA meeting next Tuesday.

And that, frankly, gives me a massive spike (in my blood pressure).

I intend to set off shortly for the Grotto and to sit and pray and meditate, for quite some time.

I shall pray for Deacon Nick and Martina, his wife.

I shall pray for Bishop Campbell.

 I shall pray for those who follow ACTA.

And, of course, I shall pray for all bloggers, followers, tweeters and members of the Guild of Blessed Titus Brandsma.

I can do no more that place my concerns into the hands of our blessed Mother.

Other posts on the subject are at Bara Brith, Lucas Cambrensis and Fr Z.



  1. I can understand the bishop being terrified of ACTA (they frighten me). The blog was doing no harm however.

  2. Please remember us all at the grotto. So sad I couldn't be there. Xx

  3. Have a wonderful pilgrimage. Look out for the ICRSP order. You can't miss them :-) so beautifully dressed.

  4. Dear Richard,
    As I have just said in a comment on your other Lourdes post, I have just returned from Lourdes with the "Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest" group from Madrd. It was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life, and I feel I have been truly and deeply blessed by Our Blessed Lord and His Holy and Immaculate Mother by all the graces bestowed upon me during those two days.

    The venerable Cardinal Raymond Burke was there at the same time, and not only did he celebrate a magnificent High Mass in the sublime Extraordinary Form, but also Vespers, Benediction and prayers. We also had an amazing conference with him that I hope to reprint on our blog (CP&S) in English. (He gave the conference in French, and I only have the translation with me in Spanish.)

    This is the REAL Catholic Church - the Church that Our Lord came to bring us where souls can find the right path to Heaven in the fullness of her teachings and beautiful Liturgy. The sooner the modernists and protestants among our numbers peter out, the sooner the Body of Christ on Earth will triumph in the manifestation of Our Glorious Faith once more.

    I wish you and your wife a holy and blessed time in Lourdes.


    1. Oh dear; I think something I said in my comment above could be taken the wrong way!
      I most certainly didn't mean to infer that I wish anything bad for 'modernists and protestants', only that the logical passing of time will not see many (if any) of their mindset in the Catholic Church of the future, as their parishes are mostly full only of older women, and empty of young people.


  5. Protect the Pope sadly RIP.