Thursday, 15 May 2014

Go down on your knees on 17th May


Because some bright twit has appointed it the 'International Day against Homophobia'

"Bucket please, nurse"

I regret having to repeat what, for us Catholics has now become a mantra - 'it's the sin not the sinner' but it's true.

Then, of course, there are those that get upset over use of the 'sin' word.

And, certainly, we are not phobic (scared) of homosexuals, they are sinners just as we heterosexuals are sinners and those who follow a life of celibacy have both my prayers and admiration.

The real problem is that homosexual acts are different in format, from robbing a bank or mugging an old lady.

Evil as those crimes may be, they do not disgust us in the same manner as homosexual acts.

And I trust that we all know why and that I need go no further on this point.

The great Lisa Graas has an excellent post on the subject HERE.

I believe that the explosion of the acceptance of homosexuality by society poses the greatest threat to Christianity in the world.

Our schools are under pressure to incorporate 'John and Jim' type teaching into an already unacceptable programme of sex education.

Parents, many of them, are afraid to stick their heads above the parapet for fear of being cast as 'homophobes' or, worse, arrested.

Our adoption agencies have all but vanished in the face of same sex couples adopting poor, innocent children.

And our priests will soon be arraigned in court for refusing to officiate at same sex "weddings".

Above all, however, there is now a fear about speaking out against homosexuality, even in the Catholic world.

"Who am I to judge" has caused enormous damage to our moral authority.

We are not a baying mob picking up stones.

We are not hypocritical Pharisees blind to God's commands.

But we are parents, grandparents, priests, teachers, aunts and uncles who do not wish to see those in our care subjected to immoral blackmail and intimidation.

So, on Saturday 17th May, go down on your knees and say the rosary and remember Lourdes and Fatima (especially).

Pray for sinners, pray for the world - and do penance!


  1. Amen, and thanks for your postings from Lourdes.

  2. You are right.

    We Catholics must again speak out, in an honest open Catholic way. Sin is ugly, and can never be “fun”. A price is always to be paid.

    The false” pastoralism” of the Church in the last five decades has been an unmitigated disaster.

    Homosexuals constitute circa 1.5% of any population yet secular society strongly advocates their “intrinsically disordered,” condition as normal and co-equal. The reason is simple. Forces often commercial, but secular and anti-Christian are using them to destroy one of the ancient pillars of our Western Society, Christianity. Why? In an “anything goes society”, so much more money can be made. We must all realise this, and start being Catholic again in our thinking.

    But be careful. The principle of the sin not the sinner must apply.

    Sex outside a valid marriage is sinful for all, heterosexuals as well as active homosexuals, and we must, repeat must, be aware and supportive of any homosexually inclined people who are, or trying to be, chaste.

  3. I have a friend in his twenties who was brought up by two lesbians, he is really screwed up sexually, emotionally, religiously, in every way.
    The promotion of this kind of thing is just going to increase people like him.

  4. Many thanks for all the traffic. I do believe this is the only acknowledgement I have received on my post other than all the traffic. The silence is deafening.


    1. Lisa......the times we live in. God bless and thank you for your inspirational post.

  5. Who am I to judge pretty much killed the culture war. Lord, Have mercy

  6. 'penance, penance, penance', cried the Angel to the children at Fatima.

    meanwhile, here's one guy 'lifting up his hands against their pride unto the end; see what things the enemy hath done.":

  7. Dreadful how they've used children in the advert.