Saturday, 5 April 2014

Ten points that a Bishop should be focusing on

We need more croziers and fewer crooks
I cannot think of any organisation or industry where the shareholders or members would put up with 50 years of sloppy management, lack of leadership, wrong directives and generally off beam initiatives.

Yet, we in the Catholic Church are as silent as.... as.....lambs.

Because we try to hold hard to aspects of Christ's teachings we turn the other cheek.

But, Our Lord did not say: "Look the other way".

He, I trust, would not wish us to sit on our hands while babies are aborted, our children fed the poison of the homosexual, politically correct lobby and His authority ignored or distorted.

So here, is my contribution to the basic requirements that a Bishop should demonstrate in carrying out his role:-

1. Spread the Gospel and teachings of Jesus Christ to all in his diocese - not just Catholics.

2. Recognise the authority of the Vicar of Christ and abide by his guidance and commands - that means not only the current Holy Father but his predecessors also.

3. Manage the affairs of his diocese efficiently and direct and paternally guide his priests.

4. Ensure that Catholic Schools are of a high standard and that the RE programmes are rigorous and inspiring.

5. Oppose all political or social moves that go against the Catholic understanding of Faith or Morals - that means not allowing Catholic children to be adopted or fostered by homosexuals.

6. Lead the main prayer and vigil groups opposing abortion on every possible occasion.

7. Fight to make certain that the country's seminaries are free of homosexual influence and the modernism is not allowed to dictate the admissions procedure or syllabus.

8. Visit all parishes in his diocese regularly and administer the Sacraments of Confirmation and Holy Orders.

9. Encourage pilgrimages and the development of any shrines in his diocese.

10. Spend a number of weeks each year acting as a parish priest in various of his parishes.


  1. Sorry to disagree with you, but No.1 requirement should be that a Bishop cultivate his Faith in Jesus Christ, and 2nd should be to grow in his knowledge of Church teaching.
    The lack of the first and the absence of the second have us where we are! Due , of course, to ignorant Rome and Vatican personnel.

    1. We are all called to cultivate our faith in Christ and cultivate knowledge of his teaching. If we don't, we are not fit to be Catholics let alone bishops.

  2. Hear, hear! I quite agree with both blog and first comment too. I don't think you need to disagree but add those points in addition.
    It appears (with some notable exceptions) that many Bishops are following the liberal/modernist agenda. It seems that it is a vocal group amongst the laity which are calling them to account, of which I count myself. However it must be done in love and with a great deal of prayer for our Shepherds as directed by Our Lady of Fatima. They are but men, albeit consecrated, and satan will do anything in these latter days to bring them down, and they need our prayers for their protection and direction.

  3. I do like your suggestions but also agree that the bishop MUST be a man of prayer and should never neglect his daily Mass and daily Holy Hour(s) and also a minimum of monthly confession along with his obligation to pray the Office, etc.

  4. We can't do all that. Those suggestions, really. We'll upset far too many people. We are now the Church of Nice remember!

    Also it would mean our bishops coming out from behind their comfortable screens of assistants and advisors and so on.

  5. I agree completely, Richard, and would add only that Bishops should be men, not "new men".

    God bless!

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