Saturday, 18 August 2012

Blessed Titus Brandsma and his life

This is a video made of a presentation given on Bl Titus Brandsma by the Prior Provincial of the British Province of Carmelites, Fr Wilfred McGreal, O. Carm.

As a presentation it is deeply flawed (in my view) but see what you make of it (my critical points are listed below) - I'm afraid I opted out after four minutes.

Here is my list of 'don't do' things when presenting:-

1. Wear a tie, it looks sloppy if you don't and, if you are a priest wear a collar - essential
2. Never sit, stand when you are introduced and stand to make your presentation
3. Look your audience in the eye - difficult if you are seated with them
4. If your presentation is being filmed avoid hand movements in front of the face
5. Don't make your audience uncomfortable by having to twist around to face you - stand in front of them

Oh, and for a number 6 - never wear socks with sandals


  1. Just a thought - not about this film, as i only managed about 30 seconds - but, about the brick by brick thing. It struck me that it would be convenient if there were something, perhaps a particular devotion, that might be able to be used as a litmus test in terms of gauging the orthodoxy of someone involved in such an organisation (i'm thinking along the lines that most liberals probably don't wear the brown scapular, for example).

    As a recent convert i don't think that i am in a position to know what such a devotion might be, however. Having said that, however, I've been doing a bit of research about Fatima and there seem to be, let's say, inconsistencies in how the message is understood and interpreted within the Church and about whether or not the prophecies relate to (now) past or (still) future events. Also, I've been getting a bit of a bee in my bonnet about trying to get people to say a Rosary on Tuesday (22/8/12), feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary for the intention of the Pope actually consecrating Russia to the Immaculate heart of Mary as requested by our Lady of Fatima.

    So, two questions: do you think praying for such an intention would provide an appropriate 'litmus test' (if you think one is required)? and, second, what do you think about getting the Blessed Guild of Titus Brandsma to promote this intention for the 22nd? (I already asked Father Z to promote this a few days ago (as his readership is huge) and he said it was too early when i made the request - hopefully he'll post something soon). I hope you don't think i'm trying to hijack the thing (which, if you do, would probably answer my first question!) but hopefully this is food for thought!?

  2. Another problem is that the talk is unfocused. In the first four minutes he touches on the miseries of prison, the rise of communism, fascism and Catholic support thereof as a bulwark against communism, and the 30 Years War. Since he covers so much ground, he's not making any interesting claims but is just offering hasty opinions. For example, he says the worst thing about prison is the loss of freedom. As an ex-con who served in a max. prison for robbing banks, I would say the worst thing is some of the other inmates (they don't know how to live with others--rude, noisy, smelly, etc), but the best thing is also some of the other inmates (you make deep friendships--friendships that are not common in the post-modern West).

    One giveaway is how a person uses the word 'medieval'. Dubious Catholics have an animus toward those who lived the faith before them--especially the medievals. The greatest shock I have had in my six years as a Catholic is the number of clergy and lay bureaucrats who have an animus toward the historical Church. Nuts.
    Scott W

  3. I have known Fr Wilfred since the 60's when he was in charge of Allington Castle (retreat centre).
    Broadly (there's the rub!) sound though a little idiosyncratic, imho.

    Even in the 60's I was warned that priests with beards were probably liberal! And were not nuns and religious sisters captivated by them! :-)