Friday, 21 October 2011

A plague on.......

I am a great fan of Damian Thompson who writes for The Daily Telegraph and has a very good blog, Holy Smoke.

I used to be a commentator in his combox but then it all got a bit too trollish for wimpish me and I stopped.

I was not doing any good and it was not doing me any good.
But I do occasionally drop by and see what people are saying. Paul Priest (OTSOTA) keeps the flag (and the flak) flying for the faith and for sanity and I also enjoy the comments made by one, Benedict Carter.
I know not whether he bloggeth or not.

Benedict's comments, I think under Damian's Archbishop Nichols post are very interesting.

I am not an ' end of the world is nigh' merchant, and neither, I am sure is BC but he does have a post of it is:

"A French nun, Sister Madelaine Porsat, who died in 1843, was a seer. She had a vision of seven plagues coming before the end of the world and the Second Coming.

The sixth one is universal bankruptcy.

"Voici la sixième plaie, la crise du commerce. Le commerce marche à sa fin, parce que la roue du char n'a plus son pivot, la confiance.

("Here is the sixth plague, the crisis of commerce. Commerce approaches its end because the wheel of the cart no longer has its pivot, confidence.")

The only link I found in a quick search online was to a book in French, 'Voix prophétiques: Prophéties modernes proprement dites' by a JM Curique.

Can anyone tell me if they have read this book, and what are the other 6 plagues, including the seventh to come?"

Time to get planting out those cabbages, I reckon!

And please spare time to visit this blog by Charlie J who is, dare I say it? The world's youngest blogger - I await contradiction.

Young Catholic bloggers need our encouragement so please drop by on Chasubles and Chalices to say Ni Hao!


  1. I know we Catholics have very little to do with End Time 'theology' but, my goodness our evangelical friends have been literally 'busting a gut' (so to speak) over the last three or four years on this issue. As far as they are concerned we are right at the beginning of the end times. They quote the familiar story that volcanoes and earthquakes have doubles over the past ten years (which is actually true) and there has been a significant increases in other natural hazards. Not to mention the banking crisis, riots, wars etc. Basically they are preparing for the rapture and the great tribulation as we speak. To be honest I'm not even exaggerating this point.

    Now, having seen some of the stuff they are putting out I certainly wouldn't want to go down that route but, I do feel that the Catholic church dodges this issue altogether.

    According to scripture we are supposed to be prepared constantly. Though I presume that few are prepared for the return of Christ if he turned up this afternoon.

    I do not want to defend the evangelicals but some times I do get the feeling that quite a few of them are at least trying to 'get with the programme'.

    It would be interesting to hear a bit more eschatological teaching from the pulpit at times to at least get a little more of the Catholic perspective.

  2. OPN - certainly we have a 'recrudescence of evil' but I agree with you...we need to be vigilant but not preoccupied with it.

  3. In French, but nonetheless on page 475 there is a list of the plagues, which to my minimal French skills appear to translate to
    meterologic phenomena (storms and inundations)
    maladies of plants and animals
    universal bankruptcy
    and the wounds were softened thanks to Mary who held the arm of he Son.

    Sr. Louise Mary (God rest her soul) would be astonished that I got this far.

  4. I had read somewhere about a Seer who said that the Seven Seals were opened!! and that the "Angel had gone around the world marking those of Gods children with His sign on their foreheads".
    On pondering what the sign was, it suddenly hit me. the Cross! So when we are troubled and have burdens it should cheer us up because it could be the Redempterous Sign that we are carrying.
    I heard about the bankruptcy occurring, some years ago, then recently heard that we would not be able to afford even those strings used to play guitars. (Our Lady's words)
    See! Plainchant will come back.

  5. Thanks for the tip about Charlie J. Reading his blog has certainly brightened my day. There's a typo in your link though - it sends you to chalicesandchalices (which doesn't exist) vice chasublesandchalices.