Tuesday, 19 February 2013

"I'm a Catholic priest of the 21st century........

.....I like my folk group at Sunday Mass, my team of Eucharistic Ministers, I do a great deal with my brothers and sisters in the Anglican, Methodist and United Reform churches.

We have lots of jolly get togethers, prayer meetings (but not with Catholic prayers you understand), Lent lunches and inter parish quizzes.

And we regularly share the same church for a joint service; it's all very ecumenical and pally.

What's that?


I wouldn't be seen dead in one of their churches let alone share a service with them!"

Thanks to GM who prodded me on this one.


  1. I wouldn't do any of what is listed in your current post.....but then I am a priest of 21 centuries not a "johnny come lately" such as the modernists and the SSPX!

  2. Richard,
    Maybe,the majority of our Bishops should attend the SSPX Churches and see how the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass should be celebrated with reverence and dignity to see how the Sacraments should be administered-devotion of the attendees etc also! I personally would recommend that many of our Priests should attend too-as it would seem that many of them have lost the plot by giving way to radical modernism -After All We want More Lay Participation Don,t We? I don't think so! What we need is a Vatican 111 to reverse Vatican11! Oh' pardon me! I got that one so wrong -Vatican 11 didn't change anything it was only A Pastoral Council!



  3. You don't even need the SSPX- try the Ordinariate? St Agatha's in Portsmouth will welcome you to a rite from the Book of Divine Worship - an American publication (approved by Rome) that is a melding of the Book of Common Prayer and the English Missal (which itself is a 1920s translation of the Missale Romanum). 11.00 on Mondays, Saturdays and Sundays.

  4. Maybe the SSPX haven't issued an invitation to the Conciliar church during "Christian Unity Week" Our Dean in our Cath. Church attended a service held by the *Metropolitan Community Church (*Homosexual, to you and me)
    He sang along to the bastardized words to hymns and the lord's prayer, Our Parent who art...
    The readings were altered to justify their lifestyles, The Dean bowed at the "mock consecration" of the minister wearing his rainbow coloured stole. And went up to receive communion and a blessing from an appointed minister as did the Deans parishioners who also attended the ceremony.
    One musician was a transvestite, so, all in all, with contents of Homily (which was given by our Dean) and everything else You couldn't make it up.
    The whole bunch are in excommunication but they can't see that, only SSPX is intolerable to them strangely.
    I snuck along with a friend

  5. Of course they could not join in prayer with the SSPX because there is no concelebration in he Extraordinary Form.

  6. I am grateful that I was raised a Methodist, for that faith prepared me well for baptism in the fullness of the Catholic Church. I gather, though, that the worthy Methodism of my boyhood is not the Methodism of Whats Happenin' Now.

  7. The Orthodox Metropolitan Hilarion two years ago ,said that the battle in Christianity is no longer along denominational lines but between those who accept the doctrines as stated in the Creeds and those who wish to change,amend or destroy the Scripture,and Traditions. (Although we know that the Orthodox like to sheep steal and criticise US in the process)
    We have more in common with Evangelicals -we could pray together,sing and read the Scripture together,but we should agree to disagree on the views about the Eucharist-. I had lunch with a Swimmer of the Tiber to get on the barque of St peter,and what brought him to the Church from being in the Evangelical union at his University was a Catholic Mission where the priest quoted St igantius of Antioch on the Eucharist and how Christians partake and in doing so they also refute the heresy of the Docetists-that Christ was not actual flesh and blood. An Evangelical would say "Amen" to St igantius-if they were actually acquanted with the Church Fathers!!

  8. Found out today that the Minister wearing the rainbow stole at the Metropolitan Community Church presiding over the ceremony at the start of Christian Unity Week was once a woman!!! ( Truly, I would not have believed it, nothing gets past me ( on that sort of subject that is ) usually. I wonder how much the medical services play in this deception.
    There's going to be a lot of "fallout" when the Good Lord takes electricity away.