Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Tablet is toast!

"Mickens who?"

Several bloggers have carried this news so I'll keep it brief.

The move is to finish off The Tablet. OK, no real arguments there.

But it needs to be done with good taste (I'm sure it will be) and with Christian charity.

Write to the PP, pray, lobby the Bishop but, most of all, tell other Catholics that what they buy at the back of the church on a Sunday is not an intellectual mag several stages up from a Catholic newspaper but pap......yes pap (and a word that rhymes with it).

Here is the email from the group, go to Facebook to join up....

I notice they have a penultimate line for the geriatric bloggers of Birmingham!

A group of my friends mainly young people started up this Facebook page and I would be grateful if you could post it on your site to encourage our bishops to stop the anti-Catholic Tablet from being stocked in our parishes.  It may seem like a silly venture and won't do anything, but more and more I am seeing people begin to see behind the lies of The Tablet, CAFOD and the Roehampton Institute.

We have also got a good few oldie's liking the page too now!

God bless you in what you are doing for the kingdom,



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  1. Thank you to these young people, acting in service of the Church - and truth and justice. Should have been removed from Carholic institutions years ago.