Sunday, 4 March 2012

Scotland has said it, the USA has said it.....

....when will we hear these words in England and Wales?

"We will not comply" The US Bishops speak out......

Contraception today but birth abortions, euthanasia, sad marriages...............H/T St Blogustine


  1. Richard,
    Thank God for the North of the Border Cardinal for speaking out for and defining the traditional concept of the sanctity of marriage-not like our weak hierarchic brethren south of the border! However, I have heard a rumor that both Nichols/Smith are due to make a statement, which is to be read out at all Masses next Sunday-I wonder how weak and watered-down it is going to be?

    God Bless.


  2. In the dark times of Henry VIII the bishops lived in genuine fear of arrest, humiliation, deprivation, torture, and slow, drawn-out execution, both for themselves and their families and dependants. What do today's bishops fear? The loss of some cultural prize from some coterie? A book deal?

    Mack in Texas

  3. It wouldn't surprise me if our lot wait to see what flak the Cardinal gets and tailor their statement accordingly. Then we'll get Catholic Voices explaining what they really meant.
    I've emailed thanks to Cardinal O'Brien for his stand on Catholic teaching.

  4. That's a good idea Genty (the email), for all that Cardinal O'Brien isn't facing a red martyrdom for his letter, it still takes courage to speak up like that.

  5. I saw a copy at the weekend but I can't remember much about it. Presumably they are awaiting feedback before publication. A retired priest showed me the copy. In truth, the majority of the UK clergy live in their own World and haven't a clue what is taking place 'out there'. In our diocesan freebie one of our (many) monsignori produced an article both remembering and extolling the virtues of Vatican II. It read like he had been living on a different planet for the last 50 years. Bishop Richard Williamson is right in so much as it is a waste of time talking to the people: