Monday, 5 March 2012

The Bishops are depriving the masses!

If liberal Catholics get to hear about Benediction
they will all want it!

It is outrageous and scandalous.

In a world where such an emphasis is placed on equality and fair play the Bishops of England and Wales stand accused of discriminating against some 90% of the Catholic population.

And this has been going on for almost half a century.
The needs and spiritual welfare of hundreds and thousands of Catholics are being routinely ignored by a hierarchy that seem intent on forging ahead with this policy that makes apartheid appear quite benign by comparison.

So just what is it that almost every Catholic born since 1970 (plus those who are slightly older) are being deprived of?

It is the Tridentine Latin Mass aka Mass in the Extraordinary Form.

For reasons best known to their Lordships they have mounted a sustained campaign to keep liberal Catholics away from this cornerstone of the Catholic faith, depriving them of God's grace and that in abundance.

Depriving them of spiritual depth and integrity not even letting them have knowledge of the heady delights of plainchant, silencing the sanctuary bells, locking up the thuribles and removing the communion rails so that the poor Catholic man and woman in the pew have to stand to receive the Body of the Son of God, maker and creator of all things and Supreme Spirit.

The beauty and splendours of Holy Mother Church have been misered away so that modern Catholics cannot take joy and pleasure from attending Holy Mass.

Benediction, The Angelus, the Stations of the Cross - all have been hidden from the eyes of the laity.

How unfair.

This affects a huge number of Catholics who, at present are largely unaware of the riches that are rightfully theirs that have been stolen from them.

Can you imagine what the result would be if a solicitor or lawyer kept back the major share of a family inheritance only allowing the few remaining relatives a portion of Primark suits and IKEA furniture while the antique fine oak and persian carpets lie mouldering in the company vaults?

When the relatives find out they have been cheated there will be ructions and all merry hell to pay.

Please do not spread this around, if the liberal Catholics get a sniff of the fact that they have lost out.....there will be tears before bed!

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  1. Good post Richard, thank you. I think there are promising signs, just a few, and these are increasing. But we do need outspoken Catholic spiritual leaders, like Cardinal O'Brien, not afraid to speak out for Christ and His Church against the evil powers and governance of our times.We,Christ's sheep, desperately need courageous and articulate Shepherds, willing and able to drive off the enemy, rather than to capitulate or compromise. Let us pray .....

  2. Thank you Brian, I agree totally.
    We are pushing the snowball up the hill, just hope that I am still alive when we reach the top!.
    God bless.