Thursday, 27 October 2011

The man in the Vatican who never sleeps....

.....perchance to have nightmares. He walks around St Peter's always looking into the distance but, at the same time, alert for any untoward movement within closer range.

 He never scowls, neither does he smile very often. He is impassive; he commands his team with a stare.

Even Swiss Guard officers quail before his advance.

He looks and is powerful in a physical and mental sense; he has the hopes and fears of 1.2 billion Catholics on his shoulders; one slip, one split second's loss of concentration and he could fail in his prime role.

He works long hours, he travels across time zones but cannot afford the luxury of jet lag, neither can he relax with a lunch time Punt e Mes.

Nothing phases this man but his mind is constantly in overdrive, always expecting the unexpected.

Who is he?

Domenico Giani, Inspector General of the Corpa della Gendarmeria at the Vatican, Head of the Holy Father's personal security team and whose only reward is his salary and his loyalty and affection for Pope Benedict - and ulcers!

Besides the Pope Domenico Giani is the most
photographed man in Rome


  1. I like this bit
    "Even Swiss Guard officers quail before his advance." They must think he can read their minds!!
    Thanks Richard, for letting us know of such a man and his role.

  2. Very good post! I really like this man, I admire him and I am very grateful to him. I'm happy that you talked about him so more people can know about someone to whom we owe so much.

  3. I will include him in our prayers- his is a very crucial role. Thank you for letting us know about him. :)