Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Dental care, life assurance and the Latin Mass

Could you get a better eternal life assurance policy than the Latin Mass?

Several people have commented on my previous post that posed the question as to why more young priests do not celebrate the TLM.

They say (and I fully agree with them) that there is little demand, and that when the Mass is made available no more than ten or twelve old fogeys turn up.

Quite true.

So why bother with the Mass of all one, it seems, really wants it apart from a few cranky old traditionalists and a clique of discerning young people?

Why go through all that pain of being bashed by the Bishop and all the worthies of the parish - stick with the dull and uninspiring Protestant Mass?

So how often do you re-visit your Life Assurance Policies and bring them up to date?

And when did you last remind your dentist that you were due for a check up? Never? Really?

The thing is that we all too often avoid the things in life that are hard or require some effort on our part.

Young priests who offer the Latin Mass should persevere with their small congregations and allow the Mass to take hold.

It is not an instant "love it" process for most.

People need time to come to terms with the quiet, the lack of "participation" and the solemnity of the occasion.

Did you "love" Classical Music when you first heard it or did you mature into it over a period of many years?

The Latin Mass is not a performance that one either likes or dislikes; it is the ancient form of the Holy Mass as verified by Pope St Pius V on 14th July 1570 (see HERE).

It is the core value of the Catholic Faith and one that requires nourishing and cherishing to bring it to its full glory.

Don't just try it once - attend the Latin Mass at least ten times before you make a judgement.


  1. It is the best insurance policy for eternal life. The Mass of All Ages makes you want to become the best Catholic that you can be and increases my faith. It makes me want to learn more about it and pray more than I've ever done in my past NO life. Even with all that, I can't convert anyone to it. They prefer the NO or nothing. It is as frustrating as trying to convert a Jew, Muslim, or Protestant. Catholics have no understanding or appreciation of the Faith and I am becoming increasingly isolated as a result. Thank goodness for blogs like yours!

    1. They need to be educated in the Faith, to appreciate it. Most of those who still go to the NO Mass do so because it makes no demands of them to live a Catholic life in Faith or morals. It's just a bland social event.

    2. What a sweeping load of un-Christ like presumption and judgmentalism especially on those who are sisters and brothers in the Faith.
      It's precisely global condemnations like this which incites ridicule and contempt for Christianity.

    3. Oh, I don't know, David. I think Lynda's comment was not too far from the mark.

  2. Incidentally, I was in Paris on Monday, and they had a big do in celebration of the anniversary of Quo Primum. Or was it for St Bonaventure? Something like that, anyway.

  3. Just, the truth. If one is contracepting, fornicating, engaging in the many other mortal sins prevalent among "practising" Catholics, the vast majority never going to the sacrament of Confession, yet majority receiving Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. Majority making no effort to accept or abide by the doctrine of the Faith, or the moral law. And this is all clear, and admitted by bishops, etc., shown in countless surveys, and general experience. This is incontrovertibly the majority, and thus they are not going to Mass because of any adherence to the Faith, but for other reasons.

  4. And I, and most Catholics faithful to the whole deposit of Faith and morals, attend the new form of the Mass. The traditional Mass is not available to the vast majority of baptised, sadly. And many, if not most Catholics do not even know the traditional Mass continues to be lawful, and that they have a right to attend it, they know nothing of SP/UE.

  5. Lynda, 12:57 am, how on earth would you know? It's nothing more than unsubstantiated allegations and moralistic judgemental broadsides.
    Quod gratis asseritur, gratis negatur. I think, that is, in my opinion, the source of your discontent, lies elsewhere and it has little or nothing to do with Catholicism, the NO, contracepting, fornicating couples.
    Your secret sorrows have a provenance beyond these things. Think about it!

    1. No, it is a very well-reported statistical fact, usually on the basis of self-reporting surveys commissioned by the Church, or as reported by bishops and priests. It is non-controversial fact acknowledged by Church authorities, and has been discussed for decades. However, very very few priests or bishops preach against the most commonly-committed mortal sins - sins that are acknowledged to be commonplace.

    2. Name the evidence for 'self-reporting statistical fact'; what is this 'usually'? mean; is there an 'unususally?
      Your statement that, 'It is non-controversial (incontrovertible?) fact acknowledged by Church authorities' is not proof; it's an ambit claim, an assertion of unsubstantiated allegations.
      How do you know that there are 'very, very few priests or bishops (who) preach against .........sins that are acknowledged to be commonplace.' This is another sweeping statement for which you do not and cannot possibly provide compelling evidence.
      Again, my own guess is that there is a subtext for your discontent and it has nothing whatsoever to do with other people's sins, preaching standards or the NO. Think about it.

  6. The Tridentine Mass focuses on God; the folkabilly Mass focuses on me, me, me-ness through playschool felt banners, substandard me, me, me-music, and sloppy English translations. Not right. As Tolkien says, tipping your hat to the squire does nothing for the squire, but it's da(r)ned good for YOU.

    1. Mack, this is a collection of bland generalisation, assertions and personal opinion.
      Feel better?

  7. For the final time, these are incontrovertible facts. Your reaction to references to well-known facts is to make base personal slurs. One could speculate as to the motivation for such a wild irrational response but I will not engage in personal attacks.

  8. David is a troll.

  9. Oh, I don't know, Anonymous. I think David's observations were not far off the mark.

  10. David where is Your evidence to counter Lynda n Mac??. I see it every Sunday. The me me ness. The empty sermons. When did you last hear contraception denounced or homosexuality or hell mentioned?
    Or even a sermon extolling the Blessed Virgin Mary ?
    Wake up at the back there !

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