Friday, 13 June 2014

Hacker warning!

A special prayer for hackers (see below)
A good friend has alerted me to the fact that my account has been hacked.....comments purporting to be from me appeared in his comments box but the tone and the language used was unsavoury.....not me.

I rarely include a link when I leave a comment but these all had links...please do not go there.

In fact, if you have received any doubtful comments from 'me', pleased delete them.

I am sorry if this has caused you any angst but, hopefully, the problem is now resolved.

Meanwhile I shall pray for the mean minded person who did this thing....I think that I shall bring the 'incense' prayer into action:-

 'Ab illo benedicaris in cuius honore cremaberis'
'May you be blessed by Him in whose honour you shall be burned'


  1. Hi there!

    Off-topic, but, I just finished reading the comments on the "Fr Finigan changing parish" post and read this:

    "Anon, we are all on the same side, it's just that some of us are facing the wrong way. God bless."

    Totally classic...!

  2. Hi, Richard!

    I think Angst would be a good name for my next dachshund.

    Your site is always a joy, as is your generosity, and discerning a phony posing as you would be as easy as key lime pie.

    - Mack in Texas

  3. Fun With Robots

    Please Prove You’re Not a Robot

    In some 'way cool dimeter:

    Please prove you’re not
    A mean robot:
    Read the squiggles
    That we have got
    To test you for
    Collective rot
    Set to infest
    Our ‘way cool cot
    Type it just so
    That’s not a lot
    To ask of you
    To join our plot

  4. Oh dear, bless you! What goes around comes around.

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