Saturday, 11 January 2014

The Catholic Blogger's Comments Code

At first I thought that it would be interesting to write a code purely for Catholic Bloggers and then realised that all that one needs is contained within the Ten Commandments.

So, perhaps it is in the control of our comment boxes that we need to look, in order to preserve Christian charity, from both without and within.

1. Thou shalt not publish anonymous comments - alas, I fall foul of this often, especially as some anons can be very enlightening. Stronger resolve needed.

2. Thou shalt not tolerate blasphemy, rudeness or wilfully engage in scandal, calumny or detraction.

3. Thou shalt respond in a kind and courteous manner, even if you are replying to one who is as daft as a brush.

4. Thou shalt publish all comments, even ones critical of oneself, provided that they are politely worded - an important one this as several bloggers create a skewed picture of the topic under discussion by only allowing comments of those who agree with their views.

5. Thou shalt abide by the doctrines of Holy Mother Church and not elasticate Her teachings in your responses. Easy to do in the heat of the moment when you sense that you are on a losing wicket.

6. Thou shalt pray for all those who leave a comment, especially those who disagree with your post.



  1. Hmmmm,Think those who comment on blogs need a code too.

    1. I did not like to suggest that Sandy, but thank you for doing so.

  2. Suggested Commentors Code:

    one must have the taciturnity of the pope.

    the austerity in tone of the blood-crazed-ferret.

    and the obsequiosness of a member of ACTA.

    then, having followed these exemplar, one must inevitably repent for one, insulting, extravagant and seditious contribution.

    God bless those who must brave the hate mail and pin-pricked poppets, of the brotherhood of man as you sail against the squall of the world for the sake of the One, True, Faith.

    1. Thank you Viterbo (I think)....and thanks for all of your comments.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Ben, very many apologies but I blitzed your comment by accident. Of course, pseudonyms are fine (but not pseuds).

  5. A good code to live by ... based on some simple Catholic principles!


  6. A few thought that come to mind re a commentators code.

    - Have an objective, other than just spouting. Example, saving the Church from the mess it’s in
    - Comment only on topics you know about or have studied
    - Be clear, and as brief as you can
    - Use tact when called for
    - Be humorous, if you can, otherwise don’t bother
    - Try to stay on topic, difficult though that is
    - Read carefully what you have written. Don’t trust spell check

    - Above all, glance at your Guardian Angel before you press the button. If he is slowly shaking his head, don’t press!

  7. Replies
    1. Agreed, good comment, especially the last 2 sentences.

  8. If one had a combination of Richard Collins's rules and Jacobi's rules, then I think one would be in as fail-safe a position as fallen human nature permits for such websites.

    Chesterton, in his Illustrated London News essay of 25 July 1908, wrote a devastating indictment of that literary cowardice which hides behind anonymity. Alas, I can't find this essay on line.

    But I have a PDF version of the document if Mr Collins will permit me to email him. (I believe Mr Collins must have my own email address, simply by virtue of the fact that my comments have been allowed on this site. Nevertheless, if he doesn't have it, I could provide it to him in confidence.)

  9. Article now emailed to Mr Collins.

  10. RJ, many thanks, will reply by email.

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