Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Bishop of Linz sacks a priest for being orthodox

H/T to Laudem Gloriae for this appalling bit of news.....
Bishop Ludwig Schwarz of Linz

...and now for some appalling doggerel.....

The Bishop of Linz
Seems to like sinz
But, with a name like Schwarz
You expect a few wartz

After Ogden Nash (with apologies to the great man and to anyone who bears the surname Schwarz (except Ludwig, that is).)

Photo credit: Coo-ees From the Cloister Blog


  1. A Nash fan, eh? "If called by a panther, Don't anther." I'm just grateful you didn't try to rhyme Ludwig; the result might have been too messy to contemplate.

  2. LOL. I think you've given him respect due. Of course, there's a danger he might include it in the liturgy.
    I've sent an email of support to the priest at the email address given on the website you linked.
    Thank goodness it couldn't happen here . . . . .