Friday, 27 June 2014

How to alter an.......

Here's one we made earlier....
I am indebted once again, to my good friend MC who has unselfishly given up his own blog in order to focus on his work for the LMS.

Below is a short video clip.

It makes compulsive viewing.

It is the sort of stuff that nightmares are made of (for the followers of The Church of Nice).

It shows a plain old 1970s pre cast concrete block sort of a table and the 15 minute transformation process that reveals the altar for what it should always be; a suitable platform whereon to rest the Body of Christ for an unbloody repeat of the sacrifice of Calvary.

As a butterfly emerges from its larval stage, so the traditional altar emerges in all its glory; and can there be anyone out there who prefers the Portland Cement version?

If so, hang your head in shame and take a walking holiday along El give your head a chance to clear:



  1. Brings tears to the eyes doesn't it.

  2. This is what the FSSP do every day in Reading - transforming the Catholic Church there from looking like a Protestant one into a proper Catholic one... but they have even more work to do in Reading as they install wooden steps and a large rug too!

  3. Oh dear, pass the tissues. I am unable to get to a TLM except very occasionally but I must give all credit to my parish priest (whom I won't embarrass by identifying). Since coming to our modern church four years ago he has gradually added more and more items of beauty and the building now looks like a church and not a Scout Hut. Oh, and he says a Low Mass in the Vetus Ordo once a week - and I suspect would do so more often if he were not in danger of being lynched. . .

  4. Just amazing what can be done,it's a pity that more priests haven't thought about doing this.

  5. This is excellent and should be shown as widely as possible.

    There is a church I know of where the Vetus Ordo is said regularly, (and with the full co-operation of the PP God bless him). There is a central Tabernacle, so the “change over” is not as fundamental, as here, but my heart warmed when I saw this video.

    To any priests out there, it can be done you know, and you will get plenty of volunteers to help. What about an 11.30 Sunday Vetus Ordo?

  6. I enjoyed that very much. Thank you.

  7. I wonder how one can attach a frontal (and indeed, find or make the cloth for it) to the altar. I think it's a much better look than covering it with a large white altar cloth (to hide the fact it's not solid), then with one with a lace trim and then 2 more.