Saturday, 1 June 2013

Another blogger in Menevia

Two members of the  Welsh Women's Catholic Bloggers Society

Although I have not met him in person, Luke O'Sullivan has an excellent orthodox blog called Lucas Cambrensis.

Please pay him a visit as we, in Wales, need more brothers (and sisters) of the blog.

To the best of my knowledge we only have Catholic Church Conservation,
Last Welsh Martyr and Catholic & Welsh....there may be more, if so please make yourself known, provided that this blog is still standing after all the hacking that's going on.

It's OK though, my GA is on the job and will soon have the hackers begging for mercy!


  1. But Richard,

    Lucas alludes to the gross heresy of STAR WARS, when all right-thinking people know that STAR TREK is our touchstone of intergalactic beingness and, like, stuff.

    Live Long and Phosphor (or something),

    In truth, there seems to be some magic in Wales that makes everyone there creative. Up the Red Dragon!

    Mack in Texas

  2. Sorry that should have been Rhos Thomas (Catholic, orthodox) blogs here Ragazzagallese

  3. Thanks Mark, I know the name but not the blog, now on my list.

  4. Mack, should I strike him off my blogroll? :)

  5. Richard,

    Perhaps a caution -- remind him of the penal colony of Rurapente. That should steady him.

  6. Hi Richard,

    Thanks for your kind words which I've only just seen! I've read your blog before but never twigged you were in Wales!

    God Bless,


    PS: Mack Hall, I find your lack of Faith disturbing.... ;)

  7. gasp in my knowledge, time for a Google.

    Luke, I hope we can meet sometime...maybe at the Latin Mass at Morriston? Good tea and buns afterwards with a good crowd (and a wonderful priest).

  8. "a gap in my knowledge" even (gasp!)

  9. Mack...Rurapente? I assume you mean Waugh and Peas!