Saturday, 13 September 2014

Bishop Kieran and the baby

A correspondence in The Daily Telegraph has focussed on infants and their place in church, particularly when they are crying.

A correspondent wrote in to relate a story concerning Bishop Kieran Conry of the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton who, upon delivering a sermon noticed a young mother struggling out of her pew clutching a loudly screaming infant.

In true pastoral fashion the Bishop stopped his homily to say: "Please do not worry, your baby is not bothering us".

The mother responded: "Maybe not Bishop but you are clearly bothering him".

What Bishop Conry is also unaware of is the fact that his homilies have this effect on most traditional Catholics in his Diocese.

As put downers go this must rank pretty high.

The remaining infants in the church, presumably held back from walking out, perhaps should receive some sort of Vatican medal as a reward for their fortitude.


  1. I was sure I had heard exactly the same story about the crying baby referring to Bishop Sheen and on looking it up find that this appears to be so! And many years before Bishop Conry became Bishop so unless the Bishop can verify the occasion I think the correspondent was merely reiterating the original story to make it relevant in our diocese.

  2. Yes, I've heard Bishop Sheen relate this well-known fable to be sure, but that doesn't detract from its aptness.

  3. Pelerin and Lynda......of course, I had forgotten this famous 'ice breaker' line that was used so often by ++ Fulton Sheen. Either a massive coincidence or apologies owed to +Conry....I'll opt for the coincidence.

    1. Ha! Ha! Blessings of God on you!

  4. As Fr. Pat Martin, the blind U.S. priest said at beginning of his Mission: All of you come, mothers and fathers - babies...and said "better the cry of the babies than the silence of the aborted". That puts us cranks in our place...

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